Zygor Guides Review (Is It Worth It?)

Zygor Guides are professionally written guides for World Of WarCraft designed to make everything in the game as time-efficient as possible, but is it worth your money? I used my own experience and did my research to give you the best answer possible.

Zygor Guides is a subscription service that since 2007 gives step-by-step instructions for everything in World Of WarCraft, from dungeons to crafting items saving countless hours and frustration not knowing where to go or what to do next. It is constantly updated with every new release of WoW

But Zygor Guides is not free, I will explain everything you get for the service and if it’s worth it for you. If you’re interested in Zygor you can take a look at the website

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Zygor Guides Review (Is It Legit)?

Zygor Guides operating system can all be customized to your own unique preferences(see video), and the ‘find vendor’ tool is especially helpful, as it provides orange dots that you follow to find all manner of different things.

You can find the nearest mailbox, innkeeper, riding trainer, and many other things. I know how annoying it is walking around Azeroth wasting countless hours not having a clue on where to go, with this will be a thing of the past!

Zygor Guides Leveling Module

Zygor Guides always gives you the most optimal route for completing a quest, so to save time you can always go AFK and watch some Netflix and know you will get to where you need to go.

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Zygor Guides Dungeons Module


Zygor Guides gives you a difficultly option for every dungeon and details every fight for you as if there’s a tough boss that’s giving you a hard time you have everything you need to solo it and claim victory!

This works for old content raids that you don’t know the mechanics of saving you countless time and frustration searching on WoW forums, on how to solo the boss.

The only issue if you get a sometimes buggy map whenever you enter a dungeon but it isn’t too bad and you get used to it quickly.

Zygor Guides Daily/World Quests

Clicking on the map tells you exactly where you need to go and a common theme for Zygor Guides, every necessary step you need to take. Azeroth is a BIG place and there’s only so much gaming time we have so why not make it as time-efficient as possible?

Zygor Guides Events

is fantastic for holiday achievements and gives specific step by step instructions for completing all your missing achievements in the most time-efficient way possible.

Zygor is especially handy for farming holiday-specific items, AFK farming routes are excellent with little competition for older content farms.

Zygor Guides Reputation Module

Zygor will tell you everything about NPCs, what teleportation devices you need, and like most things will go through every step you need to go through. For more information check out the YouTube video above.

Zygor Guides Gold Module

You buy Zygor Guides mostly for the time efficiency in the quest module but the Gold section is good as well, it has a nice interface. It will tell you exactly where to farm for specific items and EXACTLY where to go.

Zygor Guides Crafting

If you’re a leatherworker, Zygor guides will say exactly what the most profitable thing you can make on the auction house, sounds handy right? We’ve all been broke sometimes.

However be careful and do not craft things that won’t sell as the operating system will not tell you this, instead check this

Zygor Guides Enchanting

Like everything Zygor guides will tell you exactly what to buy and what to disenchant to level up, making levelling enchanting effortless.

Zygor Guides Mining

Will tell you exactly what to do and what routes to take, notice a running theme? It takes the guesswork out of playing and makes everything as efficient as possible Who wants to spend time reading through forums?

Zygor Guides Pets & Mounts

Is there a mount your just ITCHING to get your hands on? Luckily for you Zygor Guides has your back. It will say exactly where to go to get your mount, and what you have to do. Getting a new mount has NEVER been this easy!

Zygor Guides Titles

Zygor Guides gives you micro management telling you exactly how many yards you need to travel in what direction and what to get, do you want to spend countless hours on the WoW forums searching something? I didn’t think so.

It makes getting EVEN lore master seem achievable!

Can You Get Banned For Zygor Guides?

You will not get banned as Zygor Guides does not affect WoWs world and only gives advice on what to do and how to level. To see more information about Blizzards terms and conditions see their official page here.

Blizzard only cares about a add-on giving a competitive advantage against other players especially in PVP and Zygor doesn’t do that. Zygor get around Blizzards TOS for charging for a ‘guide’ and how the add on itself, to learn more about this distinction check out this detailed post by engadget here.

After all Zygor Guides has been around since 2007 and is legitimate as they come.