Can A PS4 Pro Stand On Its Side? (Is It Better?)

The PS4 Pro is a great console, and it can be stood standing up on its side, or vertically, but is it okay to stand a PS4 Pro on its side? I decided to find out

You can stand the PS4 Pro on its side, and having the PS4 horizontal is slightly cooler than standing the PS4 Pro vertically. But the PS4 Pro is designed to stand vertically or on its side.

The PS4 Pro is designed to stand both ways with minimal difference in heat temperature, I will explain if the PS4 Pro can stand vertically without a stand, if it’s safe to use PS4 vertical stand and what is the best PS4 stand, read on to find out.

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Is It Better To Stand Or Lay Down PS4 Pro?

Having your PS4 horizontal(laying down) is better as it gives both sides of the PS4 air vents, air circulation making it cooler than standing it vertical, also vertical causes more noise in the PS4 Pro disc drive when playing games.

This is backed up in Life In Thermal above video of a temperature comparison between the vertical and Horizontal PS4 Pro, horizontal is slightly cooler, although the console is designed to stand in both positions.

For more info about if you should have your PS4 vertical or on it’s side check out my post here.

Can You Stand A PS4 Pro On Its Side Without A Stand?

The PS4 Pro stands on its side without a stand and it causes less noise when playing games and has better cooling with improved airflow compared to a vertical PS4 Pro. But on its side it s slightly wobbly and takes up more space than a vertical PS4 Pro.

You can see the PS4 Pro standing vertically in the above video.

Do you find your PS4 gets super hot? See what your doing wrong and how to cool and scorching PS4/PS4 Pro in my post.

Can You Stand 4 Pro Vertical Without A Stand?

The PS4 Pro stands vertically without a stand, but carries a risk of tipping over and gets warmer due to decreased airflow, a vertical stand fixes these issues. It is not as quiet when reading disks compared to a horizontal PS4 Pro, but it saves space and looks more stylish.

I always have my PS4 horizontal as vertical without the stand carries too much of a risk of flipping over, especially if you have pets or small children running about.

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Is it Safe To Use PS4 Vertical stand?

The PS4 is designed to be used vertically and horizontal, Sony released an official vertical stand for both the PS4 and PS4 Pro so it’s safe using third party PS4 Vertical stands. The PS4 runs cooler when flat, but having it vertical will not cause issues.

I still recommend having your PS4 on its side, but a vertical PS4 looks way cooler and takes less space in your gaming setup.

If you do have it vertical, invest in the official PS4 Pro vertical stand from Amazon here, or a third party option to give the PS4 optimal airflow and stop it getting knocked over.

What Is The Best PS4 Stand?

The official Sony PlayStation 4 vertical stand is the best PS4 stand and allows you to have your PS4/PS4 Pro stand vertically, without topping over and keeps your console cool by giving it adequate airflow.

How about keeping your PS4 vertical and stay cool whilst charging two controllers? Sounds crazy right!

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