Is It Okay To Stand A PS4 On Its Side?

The PS4 can stand both on its side and horizontally, but is it okay to stand a PS4 on its side? Consoles are very expensive machines so I researched the internet as it’s important to know for the longevity of your PS4.

Having a PS4 on its side will heat up the PS4 more than horizontal as one air vent is blocked, it is also less stable than horizontal. A horizontal PS4 takes up more space than a vertical PS4, but it is still perfectly okay to stand a PS4 on its side especially with a vertical stand.

I will explain all the pros and cons of having your PS4 vertical and on its side, so read on to find out more you would be surprised there is a lot to know!

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Should You Have Your PS4 Horizontal Or Vertical?

Pros & Cons Of Having Your PS4 Horizontal

Pros Of Having Your PS4 Horizontal

Does your PS4 disc drive sometimes sound like a rocket shooting into orbit? Then keep your PS4 in a horizontal position as this keeps your disc drive nice and quiet.

Think about the laws of gravity when placing the disc, the disc drive is put under a lot more work if the PS4 is set up vertically instead of horizontally.

This will not damage the disc or your PS4, as I explain in my post about if a scratched disc can damage your PS4 as the disc is clamped into place by the drive, but it still needs to work harder.

Having the PS4 horizonally provides more cooling than standing it vertically, as both sides of the PS4 have an intake vent. Game consoles are producing more and more heat so it is vital to keep your console cool to prevent frying or melting if important electronic parts.

An option to have your PS4 stand and keep cool is this fantastic ECHAM Vertical Stand for PS4 Slim /PS4 on Amazon not only does it have a vertical stand with a cooling fan but also a charging station for not one but two controllers! Sounds crazy right?

If you want to set your PS4 vertical getting a stand is the only logical solution for reasons I will explain later.

Cons Of Having Your PS4 Horizontal

Whilst not as wobbly as having your PS4 vertical(without a stand) your console will not be stable at the PS4 logo side, this is only an issue if you have OCD. To fix this get a stack of thin paper or post-it notes and put it under the side where the logo is.

Space is the biggest issue with the PS4 being horizontal as if you don’t have a wide entertainment shelf finding the space for your PS4 can be tricky.

For an easy solution to your space issues, consider purchasing this PERLESMITH double wall mounted shelf from Amazon. It is a similar price to a PS4 stand and can hold up to 16.5Lbs of weight and has tons of space for other things.

Pros & Cons Of Having Your PS4 Vertical

Pros Of Having Your PS4 Vertical

If you don’t have enough space for your PS4 then having your console vertically makes sense, you could buy a a shelf or make one yourself but sometimes having it stand vertically makes sense.

The PS4 looks super cool standing upright though, doesn’t it! If you want to show off a specific PS4 design or just your beautiful PS4 console is general in your gaming set up, Vertical makes an already beautiful looking console look extra majestic.

Cons Of Having Your PS4 Vertical

Biggest risk that you need to consider when having your console vertical is it tipping down to its destruction. If you have a dog, cat or little kid who loves enacting havoc and running around there is a serious risk of your console being damaged.

Whilst the PS4 should work if it falls from a height of 5 feet or less, as explained in my post if the PS4 is easily damaged which you should check out if your interested, I still wouldn’t take the risk of the PS4 being damaged.

This makes getting a stand like the ECHAM more important as the PS4 is still a very expensive console to just fall to its demise from your Television stand! Find out why the PS4 and gaming consoles are so expensive check out my post.

As the fans and disks work extra hard with a vertical PS4 this causes your PS4 to work extra hard, as the console isn’t getting the airflow it needs. If your PS4 already sounds like a jet engine having it horizontally I would not recommend having it vertical!

Your PS4 sounds like a jet engine for various reasons usually from having too much dust and not getting enough airflow, to know how to fix your PS4 from sounding like it’s landing at an airport see my post here.

Setting your PS4 vertical without a cooling stand will make it run a little warmer than horizontal as one air is blocked, causing the console’s fans to run at a faster pace making your PS4 louder.

Although take a look at numerous Reddit thread like this one and notice many people have their PS4 stand vertical without issues despite everything that was mentioned.

Can PS4 Stand Vertically Without A Stand?

Can A PS4 Run Upside Down?

The PS4 parts need gravity to function and unlike some computers it doesn’t have fluids. Make sure there is enough airflow so hot air can escape and you can run your PS4 upside down perfectly fine.

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