Is It Bad To Leave Your PS4 On Rest Mode Overnight?

Many gamers including me have left their PS4 on rest mode overnight, but is it bad to do so? I was interested in the answer so I researched the internet to find out.

Sony encourages PS4 users to use rest mode, as rest mode is similar to sleep mode on PC and mobile phones, it uses only 10W in rest mode. Some Reddit users have left your PS4 on rest mode for years without any issue so leaving it on overnight is not a problem.

I always use rest mode on my PS4 and Xbox One as that instant start-up is well worth it.

I will explain what happens why rest mode is fine for your PC and what happens if you unplug your PS4 in rest mode and how long can a PS4 stay on? Read on to find out.

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Why It Is Not Dangerous To Leave A PS4 In Rest Mode

Sony designed the PS4 with rest mode in mind, you know why?

The PS4 has an auto-update feature that automatically downloads games and updates even whilst the PS4 is in rest mode, saving you the gamer tons of time as you don’t need to wait for your game to update!

If rest mode was bad for the PS4 why would Sony specifically create a feature that uses the feature? Beats me.

You only have to see the numerous Reddit threads like this one where users have left the PS4 for weeks to years without any ill effects. To see all the cool reasons to use rest mode, and how to cut rest modes energy consumption in half check out my post here.

However, there are problems with using rest mode mainly to do with unplugging the console or a potential power outage whilst the console is updating

What Happens If Power Goes Out While PS4 Is In Rest Mode?

The PS4 will boot up into recovery mode to verify that no data was corrupted then it should boot up normally. Most most people suffer no data damage but it could potentially corrupt your PS4, so do not use rest mode when you know a potential power surge could happen like in bad weather.

Best care scenario your PS4 will boot up giving you a warning message that you did not turn off your PS4 properly, similar to if you were playing a game and then the power went out.

See this Reddit thread with numerous games who suffered many power cuts in rest mode and their PS4 lived to game another day. However other gamers were not so lucky…

The Reddit user Dexter-99 in this thread had a power cut whilst he has downloaded a game and when he turned his PS4 on it said it could not power on it insert a USB with a software update, nothing he did could fix the problem!

His hard disk drive was completely fried with all his hours upon hours of hard-earned gaming progress vanished from thin air. This COULD happen to you if you leave if an over cut happens whilst your PS4 is in rest mode it isn’t likely but the thread shows it can happen.

This is why getting some an external hard drive like the 4TB WD external hard drive for your PS4 is so important as you always will have a backup for all your hard-earned gaming accomplishments.

If Dexter-99 backed up his data this freak occurrence wouldn’t’ have been a big deal he even said ‘lesson learned.e also regularly back up save data in the future’ Don’t be like Dexter-99 back up your data!

To see other advantages of getting an external hard drive like not deleting the games you love, check out my post here.

What Happens If You Unplug Your PS4 While In Rest Mode?

The PS4 was numerous warnings not to unplug the system while in rest mode or when it has a yellow light. It may not be directly damaged but you could lose firmware update progress, game updates or it could damage the system itself.

Similar to a power outage corrupting your PS4 unplugging your PS4 in rest mode could destroy the PS4 hard drive, the photo below is a warning straight from Sonys website so don’t say me or Sony didn’t warn you!

Can Your PS4 Overheat In Rest Mode?

The PS4 should not overheat in rest mode as it uses very little power only 3.6W to 10W per hour, this does not create much heat. In rest mode, the PS4 fans are only on for a few minutes before turning off so it might overheat in rest mode but it is not likely.

However certain Reddit users like Keeelin in this thread had an issue with his fans constantly running even in rest mode which could cause the PS4 to overheat!

I believe they were suffering a hard ware issue but the more likely reason your PS4 is heating in or out of rest mode is because your PS4 fans are dirty with dust.

Dust is the biggest culprit of damage to electronics and in this thread I explain how to fix your PS4 from sounding like a jet engine! It involves using a can of compressed air to clear the dust out of your PS4 and if that doesn’t work opening up your PS4 and cleaning it with electrical wipes.

Either way it is certainty possible for your PS4 to overheat in rest mode, especially with a software problem like the Keeelins case, but more likely your PS4 is overheating because of hard ware problems

If your PS4 is NOT overheating whilst your playing you shouldn’t worry as it uses 90-150W which is up to 44 times more energy than in rest mode! So chill out don’t worry about it.

How Long Can A PS4 Last Turned On?

A PS4 could last indefinitely unless it suffers hard ware problems like a fan failing which causes the system to not effectively remove heat. It depends on the life span of critical components like the hard drive but on rest mode the PS4 could be left on for years.

If you don’t use rest mode, the PS4 will not as long as running over load is a lot more stressful to it’s components than under rest mode as it is effectively asleep.

However, everything could be replaced from the fans and the hard drive, to see how to upgrade your PS4 hard drive to 2TB check my post here. Keeping the hard drive clean and replacing the thermal paste will keep your PS4 fit and healthy.

To see the reasons why your PS4 could fail and how to stop these from happening please check my post here.

The PS4 could effectively last from 6 months to 60 years depending on how well kept it is, and how well maintained it is. My GameCube is 20 years old and works just fine! Only time will tell how long a PS4 can last.

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