Can You Return Your Nintendo Switch To Walmart?

Can You Return Your Nintendo Switch To Walmart?

Nintendo Switches must be returned within 30 days of purchase, ideally with the manufacturing packaging and receipt. According to Walmarts official return policy for electronic goods

You can see the Walmarts official rule on electronic goods here, I will explain how Walmart handles returns and how lenient they are.

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How Do Returns Work At Walmart?

  • Items sold and shipped by Walmart can be returned or replaced by email or within 90 days of purchase unless noted in their return exceptions by department which you can see here.
  • You can only return your Switch or other items in a store, Walmart cannot process replacements even if the item is available you need to return to the store for a refund and purchase separately
  • Items purchased from dealers or resellers and not directly are not eligible to return, refund or exchange

Can You Return An Opened Nintendo Switch To Walmart?

Walmarts return policy allows you to return an opened Nintendo Switch if it’s in the original packaging and has all the accessories, to receive a cash refund you need the receipt if you don’t have a receipt you will be refunded with a Walmart gift card

I’ve heard Walmart returning products even without a receipt and manufacturing packaging! They are second only to Costco in this regard, according to this website Walmart will accept returns even if the manufacturers packaging is ripped or damaged!

However, video games and movies are the exceptions to this, to be sure to keep the manufacturing packaging and receipt for your Nintendo Switch just in case.

Can You Return Food Back To Walmart?

According to Walmart’s return policy, Walmart accepts returns within 90 days with or without a receipt, which also applies to non-perishable food items and frozen food, but a store manager will have the final say on if you can return the food item.

Some foods do have specific return policies, click here how to return alcohol to Walmart and  how to return baby formula to Walmart.

How To Return Walmart Food You Purchased In Store

If you purchased food items in store, it must be unopened and unused unless there was an issue with quality, like a defect or the food was stale, if the food has a visible barcode to scan it can be returned.

Look here to what a Walmart customer service representative said.

To request a return, take the item to the customer service center. If you have a receipt, a refund will be issued in the form of your original payment. If you don’t have a receipt, you can still ask for a refund or replacement. If the item costs less than $25, you can be given a cash refund. If the item costs more than $25, you may be issued a gift card for the amount.

Walmart Customer Service Representative

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