Can You Return Your Nintendo Switch To Gamestop?

Thinking of buying a switch or have you bought a switch and are wondering if you can return it to Gamestop? Well, here’s your answer

GameStop return policy allows new items with a receipt to be returned within 30 days of purchase, with pre-owned items having a 7 day period to receive a full refund, but if the Switch was opened, damaged played with or not in its original condition or packaging it cannot be returned

I explain how returns work at Gamestop and where I got my information from.

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How Do Returns Work At Gamestop?

  • GameStop has a 30-day return policy for new items, the refund will be issued to the original form of payment, the exception is cash purchases over $150 which takes 14 business days for GameStop to issue a check via the corporate office.
  • Unopened New Tablets- Only have 14 days to get a full refund
  • Downloadable content- GameStop does not offer a refund or exchange of any kind.
  • Gaming Accessories- Gamestop is more lenient as you can refund an opened or unopened accessory within 30 days of purchase.
  • Bundled Products- If you return an item that was part of a bundle they will refuse your return
  • Defective Products After 30 Days.-After this point the manufacturer warranty will apply to defective videos games,system and computer hardware.

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Can You Return An Opened Nintendo Switch To GameStop?

GameStop considers any game or console opened once the shrink wrap is removed which the Switch doesn’t have, it cannot be opened if you want to get a refund, once opened the best option is getting an identical exchange within 30 days of purchase.

GameStop even could refuse your return if the shipping box was opened not the manufacturing box! You can see proof of this in this Reddit thread.

Unfortunately, Nintendo does not properly seal their systems with a manufacturing seal, and GameStop has a harsh return policy, unlike Walmarts which is known to return gaming systems even without the receipt!

I think it depends on the store itself, as not returning an unopened console just because the manufacturing box was open(see reddit thread) is crazy, but if you opened the Switches box then GameStop will definitely not issue you a return no matter what store your in.

Do You Need Receipt For Gamestop Warranty?

GameStop’s return policy requires a receipt for all returns and exchanges, and defective products can be returned for a similar item. GameStop will not accept any returns on items that were purchased more than 30 days after the date of receipt purchase.

This is not unusual as GameStops return policy would easily be abused by gamers if they didn’t need proof of purchase, without a receipt I don’t think you have a chance to get your money back.

Can You Return An Opened Game To GameStop?

GameStop allows customers to return new releases within 48 hours of purchase for in-store credit, pre-owned game purchases can be returned for money back within 7 days of purchase or for exchange within 30 days,

You must have your receipt for every purchase, as it is required for all returns and exchanges, for a new item to be returned it must be returned in the orgingal packaging including any manuals, cables or accessories in workable,sellable condition.

  • GameStop reserves the right to refuse the return or any opened or defective products
  • GameStop will not accept any items of items that were purchased more than 30 days after receipt
  • Any item that has been damaged, opened or played with will be refused a refund
  • If you need to return or exchange an item bought through, include everything in the packing list, the reason for the return and ship it to the address listed on the returned item, some items can be returned to the store but must include the original packing list and are subject to managers approval

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