Is it Worth Buying A Used Nintendo switch?

The Nintendo Switch is probably my favorite ever console, but is it worth buying a used Nintendo Switch? I bought mine brand new, so I researched the internet trying to answer this question.

A used Nintendo Switch isn’t that much cheaper than a brand new Switch, but it is worth buying used if you get additional games or accessories included. Make sure you have the opportunity to return it, and used switches can have defects and banned from any online activity

There are many things to look out for when buying a used Nintendo Switch, like knowing if the Switch is banned from online play, and checking for included accessories

Read on to find out, plus much more. You owe it to yourself to know everything you can when buying a used Switch!

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How To Be Safe Buying A Used Nintendo Switch

Consider Buying A New Switch

Similar to Nintendo games never dropping value a used Switch is very similarly priced to a new Switch but doesn’t carry with it the potential risks buying used gas, like cosmetic damage or the risk of it being banned.

You can get a new V2 Nintendo Switch with better battery life and performance and a 32 GB memory card for a great price on Amazon here

Whilst I’m seeing used Nintendo Switches on eBay only about $70-$90 cheaper at around $340-399. For this price range I DO NOT recommend buying a used Switch (read on) but if it comes with extra games or accessories then that is a different story.

If you do buy used consider buying a refurbished Switch from a company like GameStop, as they are insured by Nintendo and have a one year warranty, the extra savings can be spent buying a new game see the gamers guide to the best Switch games here.

Also, you must be able to get a refund from where you buy a used Switch, sites like Amazon or Ebay usually allow you to get a refund within 30 days. To see if you can return a Switch to GameStop check my post here.

Look For Cosmetic Defects

Buying a Switch used brings with it some risks that I will go over, the first one is does your Switch have any serious cosmetic defects that will hurt the functionality of the Switch?

Unlike most mobile phone screens the Switch screen is actually made out of plastic making it easy to scratch. In fact, in the Switch’s early life there was a big problem of the Switch dock damaging the Nintendo switches screen as they removed the switch from the dock, but did Nintendo fix this problem? Check my post here if Nintendo really fixed the dock.

This is prevented by having a tempered glass screen protector like the amFilm protector from Amazon, if you buying your Switch second hand and it has a screen protector this is a good sign the owner protected the Switch and it’s in good condition.

My switches kickstand broke recently, so look out if the same didn’t happen to your potential Switch. Although it is quite bad anyway, so it isn’t a deal-breaker if its broke

Look carefully at the USB C charging port to see if the port has not been damaged in anyway, if it has this is a deal breaker and what good is a Switch that cannot hold charge!

Ensure the Switch your buying as a photo where a game is playing, so you know it can turn on. Just a gamers tip!

It Should Come With All Basic Accessories

Nintendo Switch Accessories

  • Nintendo Switch Dock
  • Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons (L&R)
  • Nintendo Switch Charger
  • Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Straps
  • HDMI Cable
  • Joy-Con Grip

If your Switch doesn’t come with all if not most of these accessories, then why would you buy used?

The Nintendo Switch dock itself costs around $130 on Amazon itself! It is necessary if you want to enjoy the world’s first console handheld hybrid, to see what makes the Switch so special check my link out. All good Switch bundles should include it.

More importantly, is the switches Joy-cons! Each cost a crazy $45 to produce so be sure to every bundle includes both Joy-cons in working condition. The Joy-cons are known to have numerous problems, like the infamous joy-con drift so they could be faulty so be warned.

Of course, it should come with a charger, the official Nintendo one is around $26 on Amazon and yes you can use USB C cables Nintendo have said it is better to charge it with an official one.

The other accessories like an HDMI cable, Joy-Con straps, and Joy-Con grip are nice to have, but the grip isn’t that comfortable if you have larger than normal hands like me, and likely you will buy extra controllers yourself.

To see my personal pick off the best Nintendo Switch accessories, including everything from controllers and carrying bags check this out.

Buying Used Could Give You Games + Accessories

Biggest advantage in buying used is especially in sites like Ebay or Craigslist is you could potentially find yourself a bargain!

The Switch more so than the Xbox One is PS4 is a console designed with accessories in mind, these could be controllers, cases, screen protectors and more. If someone is selling all these with the Switch this makes making used far better.

If it includes games that are even better, Switch games just like the Switch itself hold ridiculous resell value. Breath Of The Wild one of the best games on the Switch despite coming out in 2017 is still around $62 on Amazon!

To see the crazy reasons why Nintendo games are so expensive check this link out.

As new Switches don’t always come with games, even if someone is selling a couple of games with the bundle with accessories this suddenly makes buying used a lot more worthwhile, as first-party Nintendo games are around $45-$60 each. Despite the mentioned risks involved.

Used Nintendo Switches Can Be Banned From Online Play

If a used Nintendo Switch is caught illegally pirating games or modding a Switch via Homebrew then your Switch will be banned from all online access!

You will not be able to play games online or use the Nintendo E-shop as you will receive the error code 2124-4007 from opening the application then it will close.

The problem is there is no way to tell if a Switch has been banned, the only way is asking the owner to play any game online and take photos for proof or open the e-Shop.

Is buying a hacked Switch a deal-breaker? I’d say yes and certain games like Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart are fantastic online experiences, and you won’t be able to message friends or even download or update games! All you can do is play games locally via a cartridge.

I personally play my Switch exclusively offline but with a hacked Switch without potential firmware updates newer games could become unplayable, so it is never advisable buying a banned Nintendo Switch.

To see 40 potential games you could miss out on playing online on, see the gamers guide to the best Switch games here.

Buying a used Nintendo switch on eBay is a fantastic options or you can read real Nintendo switch reviews down below on Amazon

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