Can You Transfer PSN Wallet To PS5?

If you have just bought a PS5 or are planning to buy one, you might be wondering whether you can use your PSN wallet on PS5. You wouldn’t want those funds in your wallet to go to waste, right? Let’s find out whether you can transfer your PSN wallet to PS5.

PSN wallets are tied to our PSN accounts, meaning that no matter which PlayStation console you use, your PSN wallet will be accessible as long as you are signed in to the same PSN account that is linked to your PSN wallet. 

PSN wallets are used to make purchases on the PlayStation Store. You can top-up these wallets any time and use the funds to buy in-game stuff. These wallets are linked to our PSN accounts and can be used to make purchases in the same region where you purchased your funds from. 

Keep reading to find out more about PSN cards and their expiry, whether PS4 wallet top ups work on PS5, how you can change the wallet limit on your PS4 and whether the wallet funds can be transferred to PayPal.

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Will PSN Cards Work On PS5?

PSN cards can be used for PS5, as PSN cards are not limited to any particular PlayStation console. You can use PSN cards on PSP, Vita, PS3, PS4 and PS5

PSN cards are a great option to buy game related content. You can buy PS5 games, DLC, movies, shows, in-game add-ons and even a subscription to PlayStation Plus. You can gift these cards to a PlayStation player or buy them for yourself to redeem any time. 

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You can PSN cards on any PS console. Since PSN cards are linked to the PSN account, they can work on any console, a PSN card for your PS3 will still work on the PS5

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Do PS4 Wallet Top Ups Work On PS5?

Your PlayStation wallet is digitally tied to your PSN account across all PlayStation systems, so any wallet top-up for PS4 will work on PS5 and vice-versa. Even PSN cards bought before PS5’s release can be used for PS5.

If you added funds to your PSN wallet or you have a PSN gift card from earlier and you are wondering whether these top-ups would work on your new PS5, you can rest assured that they will!

PSN wallet top-ups are not limited to a particular console. They can be used to shop in the PlayStation store no matter which PS console you are using. You can buy in-game content, games, subscriptions, movies, shows and make microtransactions for any of your PS consoles, including the new PS5. 

If you are buying PSN gift cards online for your PS5 and you find “for PS4” or “for PS3” written over them, you don’t need to worry about it. They will absolutely work on any PlayStation console, even the new PS5. You are buying PlayStation currency, not credit for any specific console.

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Do PSN Cards Expire?

PSN cards do expire, PSN cards come with an expiration date of 1 year after being activated. Canada and some states in the U.S., such as California, prohibit gift cards from expiring. But PSN cards do expire after 1 year in most countries.

PSN cards expiry date is not listed on the cards but according to Sony themselves PSN wallet funds not do expire but if you don’t buy anything within 3 years Sony will empty your wallet!(see info)

However, this does not mean that you have to USE those top-ups. You can redeem PSN cards and keep the funds in your PSN wallet stored for years. Y

our PSN wallet funds do not have any expiry. So do not keep those PSN gifts cards unredeemed for too long. Just redeem them to keep the funds in your wallet for as long as you want for future in-store purchases, but you must make a purchase within 3 years; don’t forget!

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How Do I Change My Wallet Limit On PS4?

  1. Go to Settings > “Parental Controls/Family Management”.
  2. Go to “Family Management” > User you want to set the limit for > Applications/Devices/Network Features. 
  3. On “Monthly Spending Limit”, press X and set the monthly spending limit.
  4. When done, press X.

Your changes will be automatically saved. 

Can You Transfer PSN Wallet Funds To PayPal?

You cannot transfer PSN wallet funds to PayPal, the only way you can use PSN wallet funds is purchasing content on the PlaysStation store. There is no way to refund PSN wallet funds back to PayPal or any other platform.

Once you have added funds to your PSN wallet, that money is gone. You can only spend it on a PlayStation store and that money belongs to Sony now.

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