Can You Transfer PSN Wallet To PS5?

If you have just bought a PS5 or are planning to buy one, you might be wondering whether you can use your PSN wallet on PS5. You wouldn’t want those funds in your wallet to go to waste, right? Let’s find out whether you can transfer your PSN wallet to PS5. PSN wallets are tied … Read more

Does PS5 Have 1080p? (Does It Work?)

Can you transfer PSN wallet to PS5?

If you own a PS5 or are planning to buy one, you must be asking yourself whether the new PS5 has 1080p. Knowing about the visual output of your PS5 is important to understand what TV resolution it requires. So let’s find out whether PS5 has a 1080p resolution, shall we? According to Sony’s Ultimate … Read more

How to Enable Ray Tracing On PS5 (It’s Easy)

ps5 how to enable ray tracing

Gaming has never been any more fun, after the releases of next-gen consoles (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X) and upgraded graphics cards (NVDIA GeForce RTX 3090, AMD Radeon 6900 XT). With so much processing power now at hand, how can you finally take advantage of Ray Tracing on your new PS5 console? Read on for … Read more

How to Use PS5 Picture in Picture (It’s Simple!)

how to ps5 picture in picture

Are you frustrated at not being able to see where your in-game friends are, during a competitive match? How about watching an in-depth YouTube walkthrough, while being able to play the same game at the same time? Read on to find out more on how you can have multiple screens open via your PlayStation 5 … Read more

Is PS5 Worth It Without 4K TV? (Is It A Waste?)

is ps5 worth it without 4k tv

Since PS5 is finally here, there might be a lot of questions in your mind. Some of them will be about its visual output, including if the PS5 is worth it without 4K TV. PS5 is worth it without a 4K TV the graphical capabilities are far more impressive than the PS4. games look better … Read more

Should I Sell My PS4 for PS5? (Is It Worth It?)

Should I sell my PS4 for PS5?

With the release of the PS5 console, the whole gaming community is excited — PS4 players are wondering if they should sell their PS4 to buy the PS5 or instead stick with their console. PS5 is a better console than the PS4 in every aspect. You should definitely sell your current PS4 to enjoy super-fast … Read more

What is the Difference Between PlayStation Hits and Normal?

What is the difference between PlayStation hits and normal?

PlayStation has sold 100+ million units, and many PlayStation games over the last several years, continuing the legacy of being one of the most successful consoles of all time. Although what exactly is the difference between Playstation hits and the normal titles? PlayStation hits arestandard classic games re-released by Sony due to their commercial or … Read more

How Do You Zoom In and Out on PS4?

How do you zoom in and out on ps4?

Casually skimming through your PlayStation 4’s options, whether to game or stream movies during your leisure time, you may have come across some texts which are just too small to read. Is there a way for you to magnify the screen (or even zoom-in during gaming) to solve this problem? Read on, to find out … Read more

How Does PS5 Free Upgrade Work? (Is It Really Free)

how does ps5 free upgrade work

Sony recently announced that players will now have the option to upgrade their PS4 disc or digital games to the PS5 digital version and players are very happy about it. But how does the PS5 free upgrade system really work? Let’s find out! The new upgrade system called PS5 Upgrade Paths allows users to download … Read more