The PS5 Stand Everything You Need To Know

Sony’s PlayStation 5 features an innovative stand that enables the console to either lie flat or stands upright with excellent stability. The PS5 stand comes with both the digital and standard versions of the PlayStation 5 and users don’t have to purchase it separately.

Using the PS5 Stand can be a bit complicated for someone who hasn’t spent much time experimenting with mechanical things. I’m here to answer all questions you will have about the PS5 Stand.

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Can You Use PS5 Without Stand?

You can use the PS5 without a stand on flat surfaces. The console can either lie flat or be placed vertically without the Stand. However, if the PS5 is placed on a slanted surface, it may be vulnerable to structural damage because one tiny push could knock it over. 

The stand is not required to use the PS5 it can lie horizontal or stand vertical without the stand. Although the stand keeps your PS5 safe especially if placed on a slanted surface where one knock could push it over damaging it.

I’ve had my PS5 vertical for many months without attaching the Stand to the PS5; it’s reasonably sturdy, but if you have pets or small children running around, that reason enough to attach the Stand to keep it secure.

The PS5 Stand doesn’t have any effect on the performance of ventilation of the device, it only provides stability.

How to Attach PS5 Stand Vertically?

Attaching the PS5 Stand vertically is quite easy, and it will take you about 1 minute to safely attach the Stand to your PlayStation 5. Follow these easy steps to attach the PS5 Stand vertically:

How To Attach PS5 Vertical Stand

  1. Remove the plastic stopped located at the bottom of the console
  2. Take the stand ensuring hooks on the inside of the base are aligned with each other.
  3. Turn over the stand and remove the screw
  4. Place the PS5 stand at the bottom of the consoe and align the screw holes
  5. Use a screwdriver to put the screw at the bottom of the PS5

How to Attach PS5 Stand Horizontally?

The unique design of PlayStation 5 allows the users to attach the Stand horizontally to make the PS5 lay on its side. Attaching the Stand horizontally to the PS5 is quite easy, and here are a few steps that you can follow to attach the PS5 Stand horizontally:

How To Attach PS5 Stand Horzontally

  1. Take the PS5 stand and rotoate the base 90 degreees to hte right so the hooks on the base are not alligned with the claw hook
  2. Turn the PS5 over, on the back you’ll see square and triange shape holes in the liddle
  3. Click the claw on each of holes and use minmal force to push the clip on teh stnad

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Is It Bad To Have The PS5 Without Stand?

In Total, the PS5 can be used without a stand but the surface underneath is slippery, one nudge or tug on the cord can cause your PS5 to fall and break. The side panels of the PS5 are fragile and will not keep the PS5 protected.

Unlike the box design of the Xbox Series X, the PS5s strange design makes it awkward to stand without using the stand.

I used it for months standing vertically but if you want to use it horizontally I’d recommend installing the stand as if it falls this could damage my PS5 and cause the console to malfunction.

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Can I Use PS5 horizontally Without Stand?

You can the PS5 horizontally without the stand, even on flat surfaces it will not be stable. One nudge or tuck on a cord could cause your PS5 to move which will damage any disc inside.

The build quality of PS5 and its rigid side panels allow users to place the PS5 horizontally and enjoy 4K and 8K gaming on a higher frame rate monitor, I recommend using a PS5 for your stand to keep it stable and protected keeping it running for a long time.

Nevertheless, using a stand for your PS5 is your best bet of keeping it safe and running for a seriously long time. 

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