Did PlayStation Really Remove All Free Trials?

Did PlayStation Remove All Free Trials

PlayStation standard 14-day free trial is a wonderful thing but did Sony really get rid of the free option to test out the fantastic PSN service? I decided to find out.

In the UK and some EU PSN stores, the free trial is removed but you can still access it via searching “trial” in the PlayStation MarketPlace ! In North America the 14-day trial is unchanged

You can still access it via an exploit which is further down the blog post. Check your countries PSN store to see what’s relevant for you.

I will discuss in detail why Sony stopped the 14-day trial for certain countries, and how long does the PS Plus free trial last. how you get the 14-day trial and if you need a credit card to access it, plus everything about it.

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How do you access a free 14-day PSN trial?

Did PlayStation Remove All Free Trials

There are several ways to get a free PSN trial one is via the PlayStation App(download link) available for both Android & iOS. Once you link an email and sign-in simply click on PlayStation plus and the 14-day free trial option will be there.

How to access free PlayStation Plus Membership via your PlayStation

This allows you to access a free 14-day PlayStation Plus membership which was removed from the PlayStation Plus application on the home screen.

  1. .Sign into your PS4 using an email address that hasn’t received the free 14-day trial before
  2. Navigate to the PlayStation Store NOT PlayStation Plus
  3. Search “trial” where you will find the PlayStation Plus 14-day trial hidden
  4. Subscribe to the service and add a payment method which either would be Paypal or a debit/credit card
  5. Success! You should have a 14-day day free PlayStation Plus trial!

Check out YouTube video below if you would prefer the information in a video format.

Why Sony Removed Free 14-Day Trial From PS NOW App

Did PlayStation Remove All Free Trials

When the Reddit user ValhallaChaos posted a Reddit thread on if Sony stopped doing free trials, he called Sony support and the representative said Sony was “talking about it for a while about removing it” which shows it’s a business decision Sony was thinking about for a while

But Why?

People abusing the system is easily the reason why Sony wanted to get rid of the free trials. It is relatively easy to simply abuse the system and create multiple accounts again and again effectively never paying for PSN now. To see if you can make a PSN account and keep your games check this out.. To see if you can make a PSN account and keep your games check this out..

Some would argue morally this is okay as PlayStation charge a premium online service to play online when they don’t even provide your games with servers. All online PlayStation servers are hosted by the game companies themselves.

Big gaming companies such as RockStar, EA Ubisoft use their own servers but smaller companies use third-party hosting. So Sony is in fact charging you for an expensive service they have nothing to do with!

Do not worry I will outline the steps on how you get PSN now games for free, as well as put a video walkthrough on the topic down below.

How To Get PSN Games For Free!

With this method, you will be able to play PSN games or free for as long as you make multiple accounts! Better yet, this method allows you to keep all your game saves, sounds too good to be true right!

  1. Create a new email address and link it to PlayStation now
  2. Sign in to your PS4 and open PlayStation Now and go to the subscribe option and click on a 7-day free trial
  3. Remember you need to turn off auto-renewal so you won’t be charged to so navigate to setting> account management>account info>playstation sub>turn off auto-renew
  4. Don’t click your downloaded game, instead, search for the game on the PS Now store and click on “play download”
  5. Start your game up
  6. (Important step) Now close the game, switch to your main account and play the game with all your saves & progress intact!

If all this sounds confusing, simply check the video below for a walkthrough video in how you can get PS Now games for free by using the 7-day trial!

How To Get PSN Now Free Without Credit Card/Payal!

Did PlayStation Remove All Free Trials

Now all the credit to this fantastic discovery goes to the YouTuber RRdot7 who discovered this method and uploaded the video in January 2020. His original video is posted down below but here are the steps in full.

  1. Open a web browser and search “PSN now free”
  2. Find  The Official PlayStation Plus 14 Day Trial
  3. Create a temporary account on any email provider such as Hotmail(don’t need a mobile number)and create a temporary email as Sony need a real email
  4. Select whatever nationality for your profile
  5. Use the email to create a Canadian Sony account with a legal date of birth
  6. Input the following address you must do this step otherwise it might not work
  • Country: Canada
  • City: Hamilton
  • State: Ontario
  • Postal Code: L8N 2J3
  1. 7. Create the account and ySony should have said you an email PSN certification, select “verify now”,
  2. 8.go back to the PSN account website and go to your account and click “already verified”
  3. Skip putting in a phone number as you don’t need one
  4. Goto the Canadian Canada store and it will say “unable to find page” don’t worry and simply click” PlayStation Plus” button at the top of the website
  5. Click join now on the website, look for 14 days free trial and click the small icon next to “free”, and click show basket and proceed to checkout and confirm the purchase.
  6. Go to your PS4 and add your newly created PS4 account normally and sign in and keep on hitting “next” to go through the “account management” setup
  7. Congratulations! your account will have Plus Plus completely without a credit card Paypal or number!

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