Find Out Which Nintendo E-Shop Is The Cheapest!

I’m sure you wondered which Nintendo E-Shop is the cheapest so you can get all your favourite games for the best possible price. I researched the internet trying to answer this question

There is no cheapest Nintendo E-shop as the price will vary from region to region which depends on the region’s currency strength against the global economy usually the dollar. However, South Africa & Mexico are often the cheapest with Switzerland being the most expensive.

Check out my walkthrough about how to find the cheapest Nintendo E-Shop and save you money for when you buy your favourite game down below!

So you now know how to find the cheapest Nintendo E-Shop to purchase all your favourite games, but how do you change your Nintendo Switches E-shop location?

Don’t worry I will tell you next.

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How To Change Your Nintendo Switches E-Shop Location

Nintendo E-Shop has 27 different regions that are split up into 3 different regions. the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe, Middle East & Africa. It is very easy to access different regional prices and the countries currency relative to the global economy would drastically increase the prices of games.

Usually, South Africa/Mexico are the cheapest regions with Switzerland being the most expensive. Here’s how you change your Switch to different E-Shop regions.

You can only have one account per region.

  1. Firstly create an account at use a genuine email and follow the steps and for your region select the one you want
  2. Then go to your Switch a create a new user system settings> user>add user>create the user>link the Nintendo account you just created
  3. Link your Nintendo account you just created with the new user
  4. Open the E-Shop with your new account and you have access to those countries E-Shop, congrats!

Check out the video below for a walkthrough on everything from creating your Nintendo account to creating a new user and linking it to that account!

How much do games cost on Nintendo eShop?

Nintendo E-Shop games retail for different prices like a normal retailer like Amazon. Animal Crossing: New Horizons a new game & retails for £49.99 and in the UK retailer Argos the physical copy retails for £44.99 so actually £5 cheaper than the Nintendo E-Shops digital copy!

This suggests the Nintendo E-Shop is quite expensive and it is, but if you utilise the method above and have different accounts for different regions you can get the cheapest price possible.

As you can see here using the E-Shop price checker website you can get Animal Crossing for only £39.17 in the Brazillian Nintendo E-Shop!, whilst the same game in the Swizterland E-Shop is £65.52! This is a difference of £26.25/$32.65 and shows how greatly the prices can differ

You could argue the Nintendo E-Shop prices for games is too high when physical copies can be cheaper and you can still sell them; you might have a point. If you want to know why Nintendo Switch games are so expensive then please check out my post here where I go into the topic in more detail.

Does the Nintendo eShop ever have sales?

Yes, the Nintendo E-Shop does have sales quite frequently but as you can see from the image above the sales are often very underwhelming such as £5.21 being reduced from £5.79(difference of 0.72 cents) for “Can Androids Pray: Blue but you do occasionally get some very good deals.

As you can see above Final Fantasy 7 one of the best games of all time is available with a 50% discount! This is all the definite edition with tons of content added so some of the Nintendo E-Shop sales can truly be good so you need to occasionally look at the E-shop to catch them.

The majority of games that will go on sale will be third party or indie games you can still find some great deals like Final Fantasy 7. Certain game publishers are known for more frequent sale than others, make sure to always check the E-Shop for those banging deals.

However, first-party AAA Nintendo games (think Mario, Zelda, Smash are almost never on sale aside from some black Friday deals and super rare occasions. Just look at how expensive the 2017 Super Mario Odessy is on the E-Shop 3 years later. £49.00/$61.03!

Even 1st party spin-offs retain their value! This isn’t actually an issue with the E-Shop but rather Nintendo games as a whole. I go into a lot more detail in my post about why Nintendo games are expensive but I will give you a quick idea of what it is.

Nintendo games are always expensive and never on sale because if you want to buy a Mario/Zelda/ Pokemon game you simply MUST play it on a Nintendo console, in this case, the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo can afford to jack up their prices because you have no other option, this is why the Nintendo E-Shop is so expensive. First-party Nintendo games are still expensive outside of the E-Shop. Just look at the price of Super Maro Odessy second hand on eBay.

Just the Cartridge only of Super Mario Odessy is a massive £37.00/$46.08 with nearly 6 hours left! AAA Nintendo games will always be expensive whether you buy from the E-Shop or any other way.

Will Nintendo eShop have a Black Friday sale?

Yes, the Nintendo E-Shop has a fantastic black Friday sale, here is the sale on December 2019 and it was one of your only chances to get a reduced AAA Nintendo game on sale or a massive third party game like Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

The sale had a decent select of selected titles 50% off including Celeste & Doom whilst even Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild was reduced from $60 to $42 and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 reduced by the same amount.

Take a list of the highlights of the Black Friday Nintendo E-Shop 2020 sale down below. You can also check the popular YouTubers RGT 85 video about the Black Friday 2019 sale where he finds all the best deals.

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