Do Games Keep Installing When Xbox One Is Off?

Games can take a long time to download depending on your internet connection, so a great way to save time is installing games on your Xbox One whilst the console is off, but can it be done?

Games will download when the Xbox One is off if the Xbox is set to ‘Instant-On Power Mode. To enable press the Xbox button  to open the guide. Select Profile & system > Settings > General > Power mode & startup and select ‘Instant-On Power Mode’

With this setting, game installations will continue as long as the power cord is connected, keep reading to know how to install games whilst the Xbox One is off, if you can shut off your Xbox One whilst installing a game, and if Instant On is bad for your Xbox.

Read reading to find out.

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How To Install Games While Xbox Is Turned Off

  1. Press the Xbox button  to open the guide and go to settings
  2. Under [General] go to [power mode & startup]
  3. From [Power mode] switch the Xbox to instant-on

Your Xbox can now download games and game updates whilst turned off pretty cool right? The other option is energy-saving which reduces the energy your Xbox One uses but at the cost of not turning on instantly and the inability to download games and updates whilst off.

There are some other settings you should be aware of, under [system] in settings go to [updates & downloads] and make sure ‘Keep my console up to date’ and ‘keep my games & apps up to date’ are both ticked so your Xbox automatically downloads updates whilst in instant-on mode.

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Can I Shut Off My Xbox One While Installing A game?

If your Xbox One is set to instant on mode, games and applications will still install. But if you unplug your Xbox One, games and applications will not install and you could damage your Xbox One.

I’ve turned my Xbox One off countless times when it was downloading and suffered no problems, do NOT unplug your Xbox while downloading as this can not only corrupt your files but also damage your Xbox.

If you need to turn off your Xbox to move it to another room or travel with it, always turn if off properly. If you do it as shown below, you cannot damage your Xbox or your data.

How To Turn Off A Xbox One

  1. Press and hold the Xbox button  on your controller.
  2. Choose Turn off the console
  3. Wait for the Xbox One lights to blink and then completely turn off

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Is Instant On bad for Xbox one?

Microsoft designed the Xbox One to use Instant-On so it doesn’t harm the console, if your Xbox starts making load fun noises or other noises when set to Instant-On, set it to energy-saving mode.

Does your laptop or phone turn on straight away? Then, you will know it’s common for technology to quickly turn on like the Xbox one, but the question between Instant On Vs energy saving is an interesting one.

I love Instant on but maybe energy saving will be better for you, let’s discuss.

Xbox One Instant-On Vs Energy Saving Mode

Energy Saving Mode

  • Powering on the console could take 45 seconds to turn on
  • Does not allow any automatic updates, installation or games to be downloaded
  • Uses 30 times less energy than instant-on at only 0.5 W of power(puer hour)

Instant On mode

  • Turns on Xbox One very quickly at around 2 seconds
  • Allows games, updates, installations and remote installations to happen
  • Can turn on your Xbox One via a voice command
  • Uses 30 times more power than energy saver at 15W(per hour)

So which one should you choose? Really it all depends on how often you use your Xbox One and what you use it for.

Are you someone who uses your Xbox One as a muti media device? Do you watch Netflix and play games frequently? Then instant on is the only real option as the 45 seconds start, on can be quite lengthy and inconvenient at times.

However, if you’re someone who doesn’t use your Xbox to often and will only play in one set session of gaming energy-saving mode is a good choice as it barely uses any energy when standby and is the best choice if you don’t play your Xbox frequently.

Me personally? I think Instant On is the best option, as I can plug my Xbox One within seconds, and the ability to download updates and games/DLC when off & when remote is too good to pass up and is worth the money you’re paying for increased power consumption.