Is 4TB Enough For Gaming? (Is It Too Small)

Everyone loves having a big library of their favorite games, but games are just getting bigger and bigger and a 4TB external hard drive seems like a good choice to store all these games but is it enough for gaming?

4 TB is a good hard drive size for an external hard drive, as it is enough to store roughly 100 games. Getting more memory is always a good idea, as it provides better value for money, and game sizes are only getting bigger.

Always get the largest hard drive you can afford, you get more value for money the more you spend. I will explain if 4TB is good for gaming, how many games can 8TB hard drive hold, and what’s the best hard disk for gaming, read on to find out.

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Is 4TB Good For Gaming?

An external hard drive with a 3.0 connection means games load just as fast as they do as an internal drive. 4TB will hold around 100 games, which would be enough for your digital library

The average PS4/Xbox One game is 40GB, most modern Steam titles will be around 20GB.

On PC as game files are better optimised, maybe you don’t even need a 4TB external hard drive and could go with a 2TB hard drive as a lot of indie titles can be as small as 1GB.

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I’d argue you should always get the largest external hard drive you can afford, usually a 4TB hard drive will be way less than half the price of a 2TB, stopping the need to upgrade to a bigger hard drive in the future.

Buying a 4TB hard drives gives you the freedom to download more games than you normally would, as you wouldn’t need to delete them.

Also, you can back up movies, photos, and music and use it with your computer; this is more difficult to do with a 2TB as games already take a lot of space especially on console.

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How Many Games Can 4TB hold?

A 4TB hard drive will hold around 100 PS4/ Xbox One games, and it will hold around 200 Steam games.

Which Hard Disk Is Best For Gaming?

  • Samsung TD SSD
  • WD My Passport 4TB
  • Seagate Expansion Desktop Drive 8TB

Samsung T5 SSD

Want speed, capacity, and portability all in one? It isn’t the most affordable option out of the three external drives, but it is the quickest and most portable. It’s only 57.33 tall and 74 mm wide that’s super small!

It is faster than any USB flash drive you can get, and it fits in your pocket. It has a USB 3.1 Type- Connector giving a theoretical speed of 10Gbps that’s lightetning quick!

The only issue is it caps out at 2TB, if your a PC gamer this should be perfect for you, and you could download and replace your steam library on the drive in a blink of an eye, get it for the best price on Amazon here.

WD My Passport 4TB

It’s not as small or fast as the Samsung T5 but it offers tons of storage at a great price, it measures 21.5mm x 81.5mm x 110mm (HxWxL) and weighs 250g, making it like a smartphone but a little bit more chunky.

You don’t need an external power supply it’s simply plug in and enjoy to start backing up your game files, and you can install WD’s backup software to back up your games on the cloud.

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Seagate Expansion Desktop Drive 8TB

If you don’t care about portability you can’t go wrong with this Seagate, it does not have the fastest speeds when transferring files, it’s not too far behind the WD My Passport but your paying for the extra memory.

It hits around 150MB/s transfer speed with a USB 3.0 port, if you game on a laptop without much storage this will fix your issues, but it does come with a power unit so it’s less portable than other drives mentioned.

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