Is 4TB Hard Drive Enough For The PS4?(Is It Too Much)

Everyones loves having a big library of PS4 games to choose from, but all these games take up a lot of space, is a 4TB hard drive enough for the PS4, could it even be too much?

4 TB is a good hard drive size for the PS4, as it is enough to store 100 PS4 games Getting more memory is always a good idea, and it provides better value for money, and game sizes are only getting bigger.

Always get the largest hard drive you can afford, you get more value for money the more you spend. I will explain if you should get 2TB or 4TB for the PS4, how many games can 8TB hard drive hold and what’s the largest HDD a PS4 can take. Read on to find out.

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Should I Get 2TB Or 4TB For PS4

2TB of storage is enough for 50 PS4 games, 4TB is space for 100 PS4 games. If you don’t play many games, or don’t own many games you should go for the 2TB, if you want more space and want to use the hard drive for your computer as well, go for the 4TB.

I’ve spoken in detail if you should go for a 500GB or 1TB PS4 in my post but the choice between 2TB or 4TB is all about how many games you play at one time.

Certain PS4 game files like Red Dead Redemption 2 are a massive 99GB but this is the minority, most PS4 games take between 30-55 GB of space so unless you have 100s of games I wouldn’t recommend the 4TB.

Also, whilst you can use external hard drives with the PS5 you cannot play PS5 games of an external drive at the moment you cannot even store PS5 game on an external drive unlike the Xbox Series X/S. A external hard drive on PS5 would be only be used to play PS4 games.

Buying a 4TB hard drive does give you the freedom to download more games than you normally would, as you wouldn’t need to delete them, also you can back up movies, photos and music and use it with your computer; this is more difficult to do with a 2TB as games already take a lot of space.

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How Many games Can 4TB Hold PS4?

4TB holds roughly 100 PS4 games, 4TB gives you the freedom to download games you normally wouldn’t due to a lack fo space, and the ability to use the external hard drive for your computer.

How Many PS4 Games Can 8TB Hold?

8TB holds roughly 200 PS4 games, 8TB allows you to download every game and DLC you want as you will never run out of space, and the ability to use the external hard drive to store a huge amount of movies and music whilst using it for your PS4.

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What Is The Largest HDD A PS4 Can Take?

The PS4 supports up to 8TB of internal storage and 8TB of internal storage, making the maximum storage for the PS4 16TB