Whats The Point Of PS4 Trophies? (Can You Get Money)

PS4 Trophies are a great way to flaunt your gaming skills to your fellow gamers. These trophies are awarded to you after you have successfully finished an in-game milestone. But are they really important? 

PlayStation trophies don’t serve any use and cannot be redeemed for credit, they only are Sonys in-game reward system similar to Xbox gamerscore, which are unlocked by completing in game tasks like competing a level or beating a boss.

Sony did release a Trophy Pass system back in 2017 which allowed trophies to be redeemed for PlayStation store credit, but this was discounted a year later.

Keep reading, to know what your PS4 trophies mean, if PlayStation trophies are worth it, if they are region locked and how many trophies a game can have. Read on to find out.

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Do PlayStation Trophies Mean Anything?

Trophies are a reward system by Sony unlocked by users upon completing an in-game task, adding to their cumulative score displayed on their PlayStation account. Different trophies in PS4 are awarded based on your levels. Here’s what they mean:

  • Bronze: levels 1-299
  • Silver: levels 300 – 599
  • Gold: levels 600 – 998
  • Platinum: level 999

Although these trophies still do not reward you with PS credit, they are a great way to brag your in-game skills to your friends and show off your gaming accomplishments. 

The new trophy levels have been recently upgraded by Sony from 1-100 to 1-999 with the launch of PS5, to make the game more rewarding for players.

So your trophy levels now will be remapped to the newer levels in the range of 1-999, depending on the trophies you have achieved until now, the exact levels will be calculated by taking into account the number and grades of trophies you have. 

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Are PlayStation Trophies Worth It?

If you like to show off your exceptional gaming skills and achievements to your friends by hitting milestones and completing missions, then PlayStation trophies are worth it because it’s not easy to earn PlayStation trophies. Unlocking PSN trophies requires dedication and skills

As a gamer who spends most of their free time gaming, it feels rewarding to get flashy virtual trophies as a certificate of your amazing in-game skills.

And earning these trophies is a way to show people all the hours of dedication you have put into a game. Trophies are also a great way to challenge yourself to play better as well as compete with your friends by showing your trophy collections. 

Additionally, you will also get a feeling of accomplishment if gaming is your passion. For example, if you earn a Platinum trophy on PS4, you will feel nothing less than EUPHORIA because as a PS gamer, you know that Platinum trophies are the highest level of achievement. So all in all, PlayStation trophies are worth it if you are a gamer by passion.

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How Many Trophies Can A PS4 Game Have?

There is no limit to how many trophies a PS4 game can have, developers can choose however many trophies they want to add in a game. A typical game on PS4 roughly has around 30-70 trophies.

Spiderman, for example, has 74 trophies, Skyrim has 76, Fallout 4 has over 86 trophies and Hitman 2 has a whopping 125 trophies. So basically, it is upto the developers of the game to add as many trophies as they want. Lately, developers are making new ways for players to be rewarded by adding more trophies so that their games remain relevant for longer times. 

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Are PS4 Trophies Region Locked

No, PS4 trophies are not region locked. Each region has their own Trophy sets that you can get from any region console. However, there are some rare exceptions such as Demon’s Souls.

Trophies in PS4 were never region locked, meaning that if you are in the UK and you play a game that is only available in the US, you can still earn trophies for it. In fact, even the games on PS4 and PS3 were never region locked, allowing users the freedom to play their favorite games no matter which region they are located in. 

With regards to PS5, Sony has confirmed that none of the games and trophies are region locked. So all those niched games in the Japanese region that were out of reach for the gamers in the west will now be available.. Same goes for their trophies. So you can hop on gaming adventures from all over the world now and earn trophies for your performance! 

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