Is The PS5 Over Priced? (Secret, No Its Not!)

With the release of PS5, the whole gaming community is excited and worried at the same time because of price and features. But is it really overpriced? Let’s find out.

PS5’s starting price of $399/$499 is underpriced and Sony loses around $60 on every PS5 sold, an equivalent PC to the PS5 in power and performance would cost $1514 to build. Buying a PS5 assures your console is future proof and it’s well worth the money.

To see why an equilvent PC to the PS5 would cost $1514 to build even during a PC sale see this post by PC World.

I will explain why the PS5 is expensive and if it’s worth getting, and if PS5 games will cost more. Read on to find out!#

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Why Is The PS5 So Expensive?

PS5’s total price includes manufacturing, marketing, licensing, distribution, and Research & Development costs and Sony loses $60 in each console sold. An equivalent PC to the PS5 in power and performance would cost $1514 to build making $399/$499 a superb price.

In comparison to building a PC, buying a PS5 would still be a better option when it comes to saving money. With so many components in your buying list (motherboard, CPU, RAM, PSU, GPU, Storage, etc.), the cost of a PC builds skyrockets as you increase features.

The cost of an equivalent PC to PS5 is $1514 as shown here but these parts were bought during a PC world sale so imagine the cost of the parts were normal price!

PS5 is a much cheaper and more convenient option. Above all, you won’t have to keep upgrading your build as PS5 is a one-time fruitful investment to your gaming adventures. Once you purchase it, it will be yours forever, serving your gaming cravings for several years.

PS5 is expensive and there is no second opinion about it. But by comparing different consoles and gaming devices, the PS5 is absolutely worth every penny.

If your considering buying a PS4/PS4 pro when PS5 is out you will be wasting your money, see my post here on why the PS4 is outdated compared to the PS5

Will PS5 Games Cost More?

PS5 games will cost $10 more than the PS4 video game titles. PlayStation games worth $59.99 will now cost $69.99 for PS5. In an interview with Bloomberg Sony said game prices will be ‘reflective of the growing development resources needs for ambitious games’

The average cost of developing a video game has tripled, Sony mentioned in the interview so the jump in price is somewhat justified ,see the Bloomberg article yourself here.

PS fans have waited long enough for PS5 that they would happily absorb $10 damage to their pocket.Hardcore PlayStation fans won’t mind spending a few more bucks on their favourite console games.

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Why is PS5 Worth It?

PS5 is a huge improvement over the PS4, it’s processor and graphics engine is more than twice as powerful, and the PS5 uses a solid-state drive instead of a hard drive which makes load times super quick. Sony first-party developers will continue to deliver amazing exclusives for the PS5.

It’s not just about the gaming experience, PS5 will have brand-new exclusives, key improvements with extreme power and performance. 

PS4 owners will find themselves blessed as PS5 will have backward compatibility for PS4. However, you’ll still need PS5 exclusive controllers and a PS5 subscription to play multiplayer. PS4 controllers won’t connect with the PS5 console.

PS5 is launching with an exclusive game ‘Astro’s Playroom’ that showcases the true next generation features the PlayStations DualSense has to offer, each stage of the game is designed to demonstrate what the PS5 is capable of. EVERY PS5 owner should play it straight away.

One more thing to consider when buying a PS5 is the TV you own. Those who have 4K resolution televisions will experience the immense burst of sharpness and image quality of the PS5 system. 

The cost of 4K TVs have really gone down in recent years, to get the most out of your PS5 experience you need to have one, get the best possible deal on 4K TVs from Amazon here.

Is it Worth Buying PS5 for Exclusives?

The PS5 is worth buying for exclusives but at launch the only true PS5 exclusive is Demon Souls ,everything else is on the PS4, but in the second half of 2021 Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and  Horizon Forbidden West are releasing only on PS5.

PlayStation fans have always bragged about the exclusive titles they can play. And it’s their privilege for sure. Unless you’re very picky when selecting titles to play, you can keep playing PS4 games and exclusives but the Xbox series X can be a great alternative.

Why Is The PS5 Look So Bad?

The PS5 size is why it looks strange due to the single huge cooling fan cooling the console. The PS5 futuristic design is asymmetrical and sets it apart from the simple minimalist design of the Xbox Series X. However the PS5 looks far better in person

I saw the internet breaking with the release of PS5 but few PlayStation fans didn’t look quite happy with the design. Some were worried to the extent that they were embarrassed to place it in front of their televisions (Well, that’s too harsh but true!)

I was one of them! I really didn’t like the design in the PS5 launch trailer but overtime I’ve grown to like it.

Sony modernised PS5’s design seems like a console manufactured in the future, which I think is a good thing, the Xbox Series X looks too bland in my opinion but certainly the PS5 doesn’t fit with a lot of peoples television setups.

Those worried about the aesthetics of their room will surely give it a thought before buying a PS5 console. Since it’s not slim and takes quite much of a space, PS fans will face a hard time to find its best placement.

But all the discussion comes to an end if you care more about features than the design itself. If you enjoy being a fan of PlayStation with it being more than twice as power as the PS4 you’ll love PS5 too and that’s what gamers care about the most.