Does PS4 Affect Wifi? (It’s Surprising)

Love gaming with your PS4 but not sure if PS4 is slowing down your Wi-fi connection? Everyone knows what Wi-fi is, but not a lot of people understand what affects signal connection, I will explain everything to make your internet connection super fast

A PS4 and other electronic devices like laptops or mobile phones will affect the WiFi speeds of a network. Streaming video, especially 4K video, slows down internet bandwidth a lot, with downloading and uploading data files coming in second.

A PS4 will affect your Wi-Fi speeds, especially if it’s used to stream 4K video, I will explain how a PS4 can slow down Wi-fi how to stop your PS4 from diconnecting to Wi-fi and how to extend the Wi-fi signal of your PS4.

Read on to find out.

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Can A PS4 Slow Down WiFi?

The PS4 WiFi chip can cause problems with many Wi-Fi routers, by throttling the wireless network speed by 90%, this is fixed by moving the router away from the PS4, disabling remote play for PlayStation Vita, switching to a 5Ghz network, and switching to a wired internet connection

If your Wi-fi connection gets a lot worse when your PS4 is on, then likely you’re suffering this problem, keep reading to fix it. If your Wi-fi is fine but you want to increase the internet speed of just your PS4 check out my post here.

How To Stop PS4 Slowing Down Internet

  • Move Router Away From The PS4
  • Toggle And Disable Remote Play For PlayStation Vita
  • Change Routers Wi-Fi Channel
  • Use 5GHz WiFi Network
  • Switch to Wired Ethernet Connection

Move Router Away From The PS4

Usually you move the router closer to your device for better connection, but if your facing Wi-Fi issues moving the router to a different room or opposite ends of the same room could fix this issue.

Toggle And Disable Remote Play For PlayStation Vita

When remote play for the PS Vita is on, the PS4 starts a process of creating it’s own wireless network to communicate with other devices, you guessed it this causes wireless interference with other connections like your Wi-fi connection and introduces performance issues.

You should turn off network connections if your not using it, here’s how to do it

Settings>Remote Play Connections Settings> uncheck ‘connect directly with PS Vita/PS TV’,

Change Routers Wi-Fi Channel

This may seem complicated, but heading to the settings of your router and changing the Wi-Fi channel by setting it to AUTO or experimenting with different channels could fix the issues you are facing.

Follow the above video for more information about W-fi signals and how to change your routers Wi-fi channel

Use 5GHz WiFi Network

5GHz networks usually have a more stable connection to the more common 2GHz networks, if your router supports it conenct your PS4 to 5GHz whenever you can.

If you don’t have a 5GHz router, get a high-quality 5GHz TP-Link router from Amazon here.

How To Connect A PS4 To 5GHz Internet Connection

  1. Go to Settings > Network > Setup Internet Connection > Use Wi-Fi > Easy.
  2. Next press the Options button > select Wi-Fi Frequency Bands.
  3. Select 5 GHz Only if listed and press X. 5 GHz frequency band is supported for PS4™ Slim and PS4™ Pro models

Switch To A Wired Internet Connection

No matter how good your Wi-Fi is, it will never be more fast or stable than a wired internet connection, Wi-Fi uses radio waves so using wired stops any problems or interferences that might affect these radio waves.

If your sure you don’t want to use a wired internet connection, keep on reading.

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Wired Ethernet For Faster Connection

Wired internet will get you the most reliable connection for online gaming. Although Wi-fi connection has come along way in recent years, the radio waves Wi-fi uses are affected by many factors.

  • Obstructions in your home such as walls(especially brick), doors, and floors
  • Distance between your router and your PS4
  • Inferences from other devices using the same wi-fi connection, such as your smartphone or another console

These factors will reduce the “packets” (data transfer) or cause the packets to be delayed which is called latency, which will reduce both your download speed and internet speed

With an ethernet cable like this super-fast one from Amazon, the internet travels via a physical cable so obstructions like your house wills will not affect your internet connection, giving you a far smoother gaming experience. Check out this post here for more information.

How Do I Stop My PS4 From Disconnecting From WiFi?

  • Close applications/games that are causing disconnection issues by selecting the game/application in the home menu selecting the [options] button and select [close application]
  • Restart the PS4 by holding down the home button on the controller go to [power] and press [restart PS4]
  • Turn off your PS4 by holding down the home button on the controller go to [power] and press [turn off PS4] unplug the power cord of the PS4 wait around a minute and plug it back in and go back into the game
  • Change your PS4 Primary DNS to Secondary DNS: if you live in the US and Primary DNS: Secondary DNS: if you live in Europe

Follow the above tips and it should fix any Wi-Fi disconnection problems you’re having, but it could be the router itself, for a guide on how to increase internet speed for gaming check my post out.

How Can I Extend The WiFi Signal On My PS4?

  1. Use a wired ethernet internet connection instead of Wi-fi for faster PS4 downloads speeds and a more stable connection
  2. Change Your PS4s DNS settings for faster internet connection
  3. Move your PS4 closer to your Wi-Fi router to get a faster download speed
  4. Download games in rest mode for faster download speeds
  5. Pay for faster internet service or switch to fibreoptic for a sharp increase in PS4 download speeds
  6. Move your Wifi router and PS4 away from brick walls and other Wi-fi devices to increase the Wi-Fi signal
  7. Only download one game at a time for more efficient downloads.

Another option is using a Wi-fi signal booster that has an ethernet port so you can plug in a wired connection despite not being in the same room as your router and without a super long cable.

The Wi-fi chip of the PS4 has issues, so you will get far better connection using an ethernet cable with an extended rather than a traditional Wi-fi signal booster just for the PS4

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