Gamerzclass DOTA 2 Review (Is It Worth It?)

With YouTube having tons of free gaming tutorials, is paying for a service like Gamerzclass worth it? They have detailed courses with esports pros for DOTA 2, League Of Legends,Counter Strike and FIFA 21. I will discuss what you get it, so you can work out if it’s worth it for you.

GamerzClass offers in-depth 11.4 hours of courses taught by top esports pros in DOTA 2 like N0tail, & Topson, with free downloadable workbooks for each course, and a live Discord server with monthly giveaways and pro sessions. It’s worth $9.99/month with a free 3 day trial period to improve quicker.

I will say what Gamerzclass promises to give you with this subscription, remember your paying for the community as well as the courses and access to the exclusive discord chat.

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Gamerzclass DOTA 2 Review

What You Get With DOTA 2 Gamerzclass

  • Learn from N0tail, Topson, Cr1t, iceiceice, Nikobab
  • Get unique classes from every position
  • Get unique thoughts from the pros and improve your ranking in DOTA 2
  • More than 300 unique lessons from pros
  • Over 100 hours of educational material specficially for DOTA 2
  • Live sessesion with pros (get personalised feedback)
  • Replay and DOTABUFF anaylsis (exclusive to GamerzClass
  • FREE exclusive monthly giveaways to win gaming perpherals and other goods
  • Community events and supports (get your questions answered)
  • Get top players to answer your questions

Gamerzclass aims to provide more than what any YouTube gaming channel can do for you, although you can improve your DOTA 2 playing with free YouTube videos it won’t be anywhere near as concise as an experience yo get with Gamerzclass.

You get 11.45 hours worth of content to view at your leisure, which is a LOT of content! Still not convinced? You get around 9 free lessons to watch to see if it’s up to your liking, click here to get your free lessons!

Unfortunately you cannot download the lessons to watch when you don’t have internet, this is because of privacy reasons as if you could download everything what’s to stop you from uploading it to the internet for everyone to enjoy?

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Different courses like the position 1 course by NikoBaby will have a printable workbook for you to follow, Gamerzclass worked carefully with each instructor to create learning objectives(gaming homework) that reflect the different episodes within the course!

All lessons are presented beautifully and load super quick unlike some of gamerzclass competitors, the video player is similar to YouTube as you can go from 0.25 speed to see the professional finer details in DOTA 2, and go as fast a 2X speed if you just want the information quickly.

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Dota 2 Position 1 Course By Nikobaby

  • 23 Lessons (4h 12m)
  • Start to learn how to farm & carry games like a pro
  • Learn not to rely on supports to win games and how to have a good game everytime
  • Master farming patterns & hero matchups
  • Transform your win rate from 50% to even 70% and run through the ranks until you achieve that infamous immortal rank!

Dota 2 Position Midlane Course 2 By TOPSON

  • 24 Lessons (4h 13m)
  • Dominate the mid lane position and play like a professional
  • Pick better heroes to give your opponent a unfavourable matchup
  • Dominant the lane with masterful creep control and become an unstoppable player

Dota 2 Fundamentals Course 3 By N0TAIL

  • 19 Lessons (3h 19m)
  • Master DOTA 2 fundamentals by one of the best DOTA 2 players

Is Gamerzclass Worth It For DOTA 2?

I think it depends on your playing level, this reddit thread goes into detail how if your a divine player, the lessons seem quite basic as N0tail only goes through the basics of the game and some intermediate mechanics.

Also, there are many free YouTube DOTA 2 lessons like rawdota and r/learndota2  has tons of free coaching available.

However, I believe your paying for more than lessons, your paying for the exclusive discord community that hosts live events, giveaways replay analysis and much more and even the opportunity to play with some of your favourite DOTA 2 pros, and have them help your gameplay!

After all, it’s only $9.99 for a month and you get a free 3-day trial that you can just cancel if you are not happy with it plus the free lessons available that if too advanced for you can guess the other content will also be too beginner for you.

If your interested get the best price for gamerzclass right here

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