Gamerzclass FIFA Review (Is It Worth It?)

With YouTube having tons of free gaming tutorials, is paying for a service like Gamerzclass worth it? They have detailed courses with esports pros for DOTA 2, League Of Legends, Counter-Strike and FIFA. I will discuss what you get it, so you can work out if it’s worth it for you.

GamerzClass offers 62 in-depth courses (8h 7 min) taught by esports FIFA pros TEKKZ, BORAS, AGGE with free download workbooks for each course, a live Discord server with a monthly 20,000 Fifa Points giveaway & 24/7 coach assistance. It’s worth $9.99/month with a 3-day trial to improve quickly.

I will discuss what Gamerzclass promises to give you with your subscription, is it worth the $9.99/month? Read on to find out!.

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Gamerzclass FIFA Review

What You Get With FIFA Gamerzclass

  • Learn pro-insider tips from; Tekkz, BorasLegend, Agge & more
  • Monthly Giveaway of 20,000 Fifa Points!
  • Unique classes and lessons for defending and attacking
  • Get inside the pros thought process and dominate your friends
  • Personalized Game & Replay Analysis
  • Exclusive Live Sessions With Pros
  • New Videos 365 Days A Year
  • Connect with other like-minded players and get all your questions answered by our team of professionals.
  • Win more weekend leagues
  • Influence our upcoming classes and have top tier players answer your questions
  • 24/7 Coach assistance Gamerzclass coaches are ready to answer all your questions 24/7
  • Squad review our pro players will be taking a look at your squads and give out advice all the time.

Gamerzclass aims to provide more than what any YouTube gaming channel can do for you, instead of spending the time finding all the videos on Youtube, they are organized for you in one nice package.

 8.07 hours worth of content to view at your leisure, which is a LOT of content! Still not convinced? You get 8 free lessons to watch to see if it’s up to your liking, click here to get your free lessons!

What I like about the videos is the production is high quality, the sound is good the video player loads quickly and it’s nice and responsive, and whenever someone is showing a button input( see above)

You clearly see the controller and the right button input to press, you don’t always get this with free Youtube videos or the controller might be too small as you can’t see the buttons properly.

Tired of your friends destroying you with skill moves? That’s a thing of the past with Gamerzclass!

Unfortunately you cannot download the lessons to watch when you don’t have internet, this is because of privacy reasons as if you could download everything what’s to stop you from uploading it to the internet for everyone to enjoy?

If your interested get the best price for gamerzclass right here.

All courses have a printable workbook for you to follow, Gamerzclass worked carefully with each instructor to create learning objectives(gaming homework) that reflect the different episodes within the course!

All lessons are presented beautifully and load super quick unlike some of gamerzclass competitors, the video player is similar to YouTube as you can go from 0.25 speed to see the professional finer details in FIFA and go as fast a 2X speed if you just want the information quickly.


  • 16 Lessons (1h 43m)
  • Learn how to approach all aspects of FIFA by the best FIFA player in the world Tekkz from passing build-up, isolated one-on-one duels and how to defend in high-pressure situations
  • Learn the mentality on how to stay top of your game and dominate your friends in a convincing way and secure those FIFA bragging rights!


  • 18 Lessons (3h 06m)
  • Learn the A-Z of FIFA by the professional FIFA player and YouTuber BorasLegend , learn how you use the fundamentals to perfection against your friends
  • Boras is known for his efficient and simple way to play FIFA if you’re a beginner you will LOVE this class!


  • 28 lessons (3h 38m)
  • Learn from the 2x world champion Agge who gives you the tools to analyze your opponents and adjust to their game plan whilst exploiting their weaknesses
  • Learn how to understand your personal replays to the current meta of FIFA and keep on steadily improving
  • These fundamentals can apply to every edition of FIFA and help you save hours and hours of playing without knowing what to do, to help your gameplay start at a higher level than your friends and other players

Is Gamerzclass Worth It For FIFA?

I think it depends on your playing level, this reddit says you should never pay for FIFA lessons as pro players like TEKKZ are so good because of natural talent and practise.

Of course there are many free FIFA YouTube channels like BorasLegends who has 82 tutorial videos on his channel, but you are paying for MORE than 8 h 7 m of content.

However, I believe you paying for more than lessons, your paying for the exclusive discord community that hosts live events, giveaways replay analysis, and much more and even the opportunity to play with some of your favorite FIFA pros, and have them help your gameplay!

Also, if you PAY for something you’re likely to treat the content you get with a lot more value than if it’s free, and there’s the potential of that 20,000 FIFA point giveaway, imagine how good you’re team could get!

I guarantee the videos will be more valuable to you, and you will study them harder and use the printable worksheets to work on your game because you spent your hard-earned cash.

After all, it’s only $9.99 for a month and you get a free 3-day trial that you can just cancel if you are not happy plus if the free lessons available are too beginner for you you can guess the other content be under your level.

If your interested get the best price for gamerzclass right here.