How To Access PS Plus 14 Day Trial

PS plus is great, and not only do you get free games each month but also the ability to play online with your friends but how do you access the PS plus 14-day free trial? I decided to make it as easy as possible for you.

  1. Sign in to your PS4 using an email address that hasn’t received the free 14-day trial before
  2. Navigate to the PlayStation Store NOT PlayStation Plus
  3. Search “trial” where you will find the PlayStation Plus 14-day trial hidden
  4. Subscribe to the service and add a payment method either Paypal or a debit/credit card
  5. Success! You should have a 14-day day free PlayStation Plus trial!

Another way is via the PlayStation App(download link) available for both Android & iOS. Once you link an email and sign-in simply click on PlayStation plus and the 14-day free trial option will be there.

I will explain how to cancel your free trial, and how to access a trial without needing a credit card, what is the difference between PS plus and PS now, and how to access another free 2 day trial for your PS plus! Read on to find out

If you get confused about the above steps, please watch the video below.

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How To Get A 14-day Free trial PlayStation Plus Without A Credit Card

  1. Open a web browser and search ‘PSN Now Free’ and find the official PlayStation Plus 14 day trial
  2. Create a real temporary account on any email provider, select whatever nationality for your profile
  3. Use the email to create a Canadian Sony account with a legal date of birth and input the address below, this step cannot be skipped
  4. Create the account and Sony will send you an email, go the email and select ‘verify now’
  5. Return to the PSN account website and go to the account you created and click ‘already verified’ do not put a phone number
  6. Go to the Canadian store and it will say ‘unable to find page’, do not worry simply click the [PlayStation Plus] button at the top of the website
  7. Click join now on the website, look for the 14-day trial and click the small icon next to free, click show basket and confirm to complete the purchase
  8. Go to your PS4 and then add the newly created PS4 account and sign in normally, keep on hitting next to go to account management. You should have PS Plus without any credit card information!

The address you must enter for your PlayStation account is below, if you get confused on any of the steps please watch the video below.

  • Country: Canada
  • City: Hamilton
  • State: Ontario
  • Postal Code: L8N 2J3

Whats the difference between PS Plus and PS now?

PS plus is an online subscription service that gives access to playing online on PS4 and 2 free games per console per month and support for cloud saves. PS Now is a Netflix like game subscription service with a monthly cost that allows you to stream and download games.

To understand more about PS now please watch the video above. I personally don’t use the service as unlike the best deal in gaming Xbox Game pass the service does not give access to all Sonys exclusive unlike Microsoft PS now equivalent.

However, it has improved a lot as before you couldn’t even download games you had to stream them! I recommend giving the service ago as new AAA games are being introduced all the time. Get a 7 day trial from Sony right here.

How To Get PS Plus 2 Day Trial

  1. Create a new account and set it as the primary account
  2. On the main menu go to [Applications Saved Data Management]
  3. Go to Saved Data In Online Storage
  4. Click start 2-day free trial

If it doesn’t work you need to create another account.

How To Cancel A 14-Day Trial On PSN

  1. On a PS4 Sign in to PlayStation Network, then go to [Settings] > [Account Management]
  2. Account Information] > [PlayStation Subscriptions].
  3. After selecting the subscription you want to cancel, select [Turn Off Auto-Renew].

This will stop Sony from charging your account on auto-renew, to find out why Sony keeps on charging you check my post here. Check the below video by YourSixStudios in case you get stuck, plus 2 other methods to cancel your trial!

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