How To Fix Too Many USB Devices Connected To PS4

Have you ever tried to connect a USB device to your PS4 and got the error message that you have too many USB devices connected? It happened to me a few times, and it’s SO annoying! I will explain exactly how to fix this problem.

  • Turn off the PS4
  • Disconnect All USB Devices From The PS4 and then plug them in one by one
  • Try A Different USB cable
  • Reinstall the PS4 System Software
  • Replace the faulty hardware in the USB

Fixing this issue can be complicated as many things can cause it, but don’t worry I will explain each point in detail and provide you with helpful YouTube videos showing exactly what needs to be done.

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Why Your PS4 Says Too Many USB Connected And How To Fix It

1.Turn Off the PS4 then Turn It On Again

That’s right your Grandma’s wisdom of turning the TV off actually was correct! You know your PS4 is off when the display darkens, and the PS4 blinks twice.

To fix a PS4 controller that keeps flashing check out my post here.

  1. Press the PS button on your PS4 controller and go to [power] and select [turn off PS4]
  2. Or hold down the power button on your PS4 for 7 seconds until the console beeps twice

2. Disconnect All USB Devices

After your PS4 is turned off remove all USB devices connected to the PS4, it doesn’t matter if it’s for the controller PlayStation VR or an external HDD everything must be removed

3. Unplug the Power Cable

A sudden electrical surge can affect the functionality of the PS4 USB ports, causing the PS4 to think there are too many USB devices connected, so you must unplug the power cable of the PS4

Make sure your PS4 is unconnected for around 1 minute before unplugging the power cable back on.

4. Turn On Your PS4

  • Press the power button on your PS4 controller and wait for it to turn on
  • Press the PS button of a paired Dualshock 4 to turn on your console when the power blinks blue and turns white you know the system is on.

5. Connect the USB Devices to PS4 One By One

Now, if everything seems fine so far, start to connect the USB devices one by one. Once you connect one of them, go and use it and see whether it operates properly or not.

Keep working on it for 5 minutes. If it works fine without an issue, connect the next device, and just do the same, until this message shows up.

Now, try to understand which USB device is responsible for this error. If it’s the PS4 controller, try to reset it. Otherwise, the faulty USB device either needs to be repaired/cleaned or replaced.

6.Rebuild the PS4 Database

  1. Turn off the PS4, by pressing the PS button on your PS4 controller and go to [power] and select [turn off PS4]
  2. Enter safe mode by connecting your PS4 controller to your USB with a USB cable if one USB port doesn’t work try another port
  3. Hold down the power button of your PS4 until you hear two beeps
  4. Your PS4 should boot in safe mode press the PS button and select option 5 [rebuild database]

Rebuilding your PS4 database does NOT delete any of your applications or games, it just fixes problems with your system, if you find you cannot boot into safe mode this is an issue with your USB.

Either use the original USB that came with your PS4 controller or purchase the official Sony licensed charging cable for PS4 from Amazon right here.

7.Factory Reset Your PS4

  1. On your PS4 home menu go to [settings] scroll to the bottom and go to [initialization] and then click [intialize PS4]
  2. Pick the [quick] format and click [initialize]

This fixes any potential software issues your PS4 might have that display the too many USB devices connected error, but remember this wipes ALL your data so it’s recommended to create a backup if all your games and saves.

I highly recommend buying an external hard drive for your PS4, this 2TB hard drive from Seagate is exactly what you need, get it from Amazon here. Setting it up for your PS4 is easy, see my post here on how to do it.

How To Reinstall PS4 System Software

  1. Download the latest PS4 system software on PS4s website, scroll down to [PS4 Complete System Software File]
  2. On your USB drive or external hard drive create a folder called [PS4] inside that folder create a folder called [update] copy the download PS4 update file into the [update] file make sure the file is named PS4UPDATE.PUP it must be in full captial letters
  3. Connect the USB device to your PS4 system if the PS4 cannot update double check if the previous steps were followed correctly, if the PS4 cannot use this storage system you might format the USB to EXFAT or FAT32

Only after factory resetting your PS4 will you need to reinstall PS4 system software, get the latest PS4 software from PlayStations’ official website here, you need a flash drive to update your system software, get a Sandisk 3.0 USB flash drive from Amazon here.

8. Repair Faulty PS4 Hardware

If after all these steps your PS4 STILL shows too many USB errors then likely it’s a hardware issue.

If no USB device is connected and you still receive the error then your PS4 itself needs to be fixed, for signs that your PS4 is broken and how to fix it see my post here.

Bad news is it could be the USB or the PS4 motherboard itself, it would be hard to fix if you don’t know what your doing you can get your PS4 repaired on sites like gamesrepair however replacing a PS4 motherboard costs $250 so you might as well buy a PS5 instead!

To see if the PS5 is overpriced (hint it’s not) check out my post here.

If the error only occurs when you need a USB device to the PS4 either it’s the USB cable, the device itself or the PS4 USB port itself is damaged. Ensure you switch USB ports with the same USB device to mix and match to know where the error comes from.

No point getting your motherboard repaired, if it was the USB port causing the issue and you spend $250 for nothing and the problem still remains!

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