How To Game Share On Xbox One (The Complete Guide)

One of the best features of the Xbox One is the ability to share a game with your friends or family. This post will have all the information you need on how you can share your entire game library on Xbox One.

Here’s how you do it

  1. Press the Xbox button on your controller and scroll to the “sign-in” tab
  2. Select the ‘Add new’ option
  3. Either login with your friends/family members Microsoft account using an email address or phone & password they use to sign in or have them do it.
  4. Review the privacy statement and select ‘next’ then set up your preferences
  5. Use the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide then return to the home screen.
  6. Scroll left from home and select your friends Gamertag and click ‘sign in’

Now your friends Xbox profile is successfully on your Xbox One! But read the following article to make sure your games are shared.

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How To Game Share On Xbox

But you need to do the following steps before your games are shared

  1. When you are signed in with your friend’s account
  2. Press the Xbox button to open the guide
  3. Select system>settings>personalisation>My home Xbox
  4. Select Make this my home Xbox to successfully designate this console as your primary/home Xbox

Once this is done, your friends/family member needs to repeat the steps on their Xbox. As a result, your Xbox One should be set up with your friends account using your Xbox as the home Xbox. Your account will be using your friends Xbox One as the home Xbox.

Now you’ve done! You can sign in with your own account and you will still have access to all your friend’s games!

Check out this handy tutorial on how to game share on your Xbox One for a more visual explanation

So that’s it! You should know how to game share with your Xbox One! I will go into more detail on what game sharing is, and why you need to be very careful with the feature

What Is Xbox One Game Share?

Game sharing allows you to access a friends/family members entire digital Xbox One library on your own system! Cool right? Normally anyone signed in to an Xbox can play their entire library of digital games on that console, although other accounts on that system cannot play those games.

However, the Xbox One has a setting called Home Xbox which allows you to designate one Xbox One system as your main console for that account. Anyone signed into this home console can access all the digital content you own.

Via switching Xbox One primary systems with a friend, you get access to the entire others library! With this feature, you can cut the prices of games in half because you and a friend can go halves on a game, but still, both be able to play it using the Game share feature! Microsoft is super pro-consumer now!

You Can Share Your Xbox Live Gold Subscription!

Using the method above you can extend your gold membership to benefit friends and family! This information is from the official Xbox website.

If someone is signed in to your primary Xbox they will have the ability to use your Xbox live gold. Also if you’re at a friends house and you sign in, you automatically share your Xbox live subscription with everyone as long as your signed in!

However, any ‘Xbox Games With Gold’ games acquired will not be playable if the account that originally downloaded them does not have gold. Click here for the very best Xbox live gold price straight from amazon

Does Xbox One Game Sharing Work With All Games?

If you’re looking for a negative with Xbox game sharing you won’t find one. If you successfully game share with a friend you will have access to all their games.

This includes titles from subscription services such as Game Pass(what is Xbox Game Pass?)/EA Access Vault & Games With Gold assuming your account still has an active subscriptions

Important Things To Remember With Xbox One Game Sharing

Now whilst Game sharing is an amazing feature, please remember these important points & risks when using the feature

  • Most importantly only share with a trusted friend/family member, it may seem simple but make sure you completely trust the person as your effectively handing your Xbox account to someone. Ensure they will not abuse your account
  • Game sharing is digital-only if you own a physical game you need the disc to play it so it cannot be game shared.
  • You can only game share with one other person. You can change this person but remember your accounts home Xbox can be changed 5 times every year, so you have some time to think about how you change it
  • Whilst Microsoft allows game sharing this might not always be the case it’s possible Microsoft can block the feature in the future. Ensure you split your gaming purchases evenly so if this feature is ever blocked both you and your friends will have an equal share of games to play.
  • You cannot share account-specific items such as in-game currency, single-use pre-order bonuses or items bought with in-game purchases
  • You and your friend can play the same game at the same time!

Just to say it again never game share with people you don’t know and trust, as you need to provide your account information that includes the payment card attached to your account. Allowing someone to go on a spending spree in the Microsoft store.

Also, since it’s the same email that signs in to Microsoft services, someone could potentially sign into your Skype, OneDrive & Windows 10 accounts! Don’t take the risk if you don’t know them!

However, you can change your account password and game sharing will still work fine, just remember to not change the Home Xbox setting and you will be fine.


How many times can you do Gameshare on Xbox one?

Remember you can only game share Digitial games and you can only change your home Xbox 5 times every year which starts from when you first designate a home Xbox

How does Gamesharing work on Xbox One?

Gamesharing allows you to access a friends entire Xbox One game library using your own system, by designating your account to their home Xbox and vice versa.

Anyone signed in to their home Xbox can access the entire library of digital games on that console.

Does Microsoft Allow Gamesharing?

You will be surprised to know that not only does Microsoft tolerate game sharing, they actually have a complete how-to on their official website that you can see here!

How Do I Stop Xbox One Gamesharing?

Now all you need to do to stop game sharing on your Xbox is to set up your console as your home console. Assuming you are connected to the internet, Microsoft will remove any other console as your console.

This will prevent anyone from using any of your games using the game sharing method. This is useful if you have fallen out with your friend/family member who you initially game shared your games with, and don’t want them to access your game library anymore.

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