How to Get More Kills And Stop Dying In COD (5 Tips From A Pro)

I’ve been playing Call of Duty competitively for over nine years, but I’ve been with the franchise for much longer than that. My first Call of Duty was Finest Hour on the PS2, so I know a thing or two about how to get more kills and stop dying in COD.

To get more kills and stop dying in COD, you need to stop playing recklessly without thinking. Think about where the enemy is, so you can position yourself against them. If you learn how to read your opponent’s movements around the map, you’re going to get more kills and fewer deaths in COD. 

I’ve talked extensively about how to get good at Call of Duty, so I’m aiming to sum up a few of the biggest areas that you can improve your game on so that you’re not getting trashed by players like me.

The most important piece of equipment to improve in COD is investing in a quality headset.

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How to Get Better At Call of Duty

If you want to get more kills and stop dying in COD, you need to get better at the game. These two things are synonymous. You’re not going to be able to put up better numbers unless you improve.

If you want to get better at Call of Duty, you need to work on the following areas:

  • Map positioning.
  • Gunskill. 
  • Reaction times. 

There are more areas for you to improve on that I cover extensively here, but these three are going to help you get more kills and fewer deaths in the shortest amount of time.

1.Map Positioning

The single biggest reason there is such a gap in skill between good Call of Duty players and poor Call of Duty players is that we know how to move around the map, and you don’t.

We’re able to read the mini-map and tell where you’re spawning and where you’re going based on the positioning of our teammates, you ever respawn turn around the corner, and get spawn killed? That’s why.

This is a hard skill to learn, but it’s vital if you’re trying to get more kills and fewer deaths in both Warzone as well as regular online play.

If you want to work on your map positioning skills, start by learning how the spawns work. Understand where teams can spawn on each map, as well as how you can influence those spawns based on the positioning of your team.

Once you get those fundamentals down, all it takes is some practice for you to get better at navigating the map.

2.Gun Skill

Gun skill is the big one for a lot of people. It’s taken me over 10 years to be able to shoot perfectly with a controller. The chances are that you don’t have that kind of extensive experience, so you’re going to need to do some conscious practice.

I cover how to get better at aiming with a controller extensively here, but to sum it up quickly for you:

  • Use private matches to practice shooting against bots every day to warm up before you play.
  • Use this practice time to adjust your sensitivity to a level you feel comfortable with.
  • Use a wall to learn how your gun kicks and recoils, as well as how to control it.

3. Improve Reaction Times

Despite being a very strong Call of Duty player, my reaction times aren’t as good as they used to be, hence why I’m not Global on CSGO yet. That being said, I do play SMG, so my reaction speeds are secondary to knowing how to navigate the chaos of a game.

You don’t have that kind of positional luxury, so you’re going to need to work on your reaction speeds if you want to get more kills and fewer deaths. There are two ways to do this. One is to start using a sniper in your games. This is going to train your reaction speeds passively as you play.

If you want to work on this skill actively, you’re going to want to use one of the many reaction speed trainer apps available online. These are tools that you can actively use to work on your hand-eye coordination speeds, increasing your ability to react to threats quickly. You can see the top 11 reaction speed games on this website.

4.You Could Start Camping

Nobody likes a camper. At all. These people are the lowest denominator in the Call of Duty community to the point where I would respect a poor player that tries their best over a skilled camper.

That being said, it is a way for you to get more kills and less deaths; all you have to do is swallow your pride.

If you don’t know how to camp, it’s simple. You set yourself up in a specific corner of the map, typically looking at one doorway, and wait. Whenever anyone comes past you, you shoot.

It’s super boring, but it will result in you getting fewer deaths.

5.Play the Youtuber Meta

Alternatively, you could play what I like to call the Youtuber meta. In every COD, there are the weapons that are objectively the best for competitive play, and then there are gimmick weapons that are ridiculously overpowered in public matches.

If anyone remembers Black Ops 2, the MSMC was the best gun in competitive by far, but you had the ability to use target finder LMGs in public matches. Those LMGs were the Youtuber meta.

I call them this because it’s typically Youtubers that find out about these overpowered combinations and make videos on them. If you regularly watch Call of Duty Youtubers, you’re going to come across videos like this at some point.

I’m not saying you should use these gimmick weapons, but they are seriously effective.