Why Are Gaming Mice So Expensive? (The Right Price To Pay)

Gaming mice are one of those pieces of hardware that can give you a bit of a shock when you realize how expensive they are. A mouse that isn’t any bigger than your palm can end up costing you hundreds of dollars, something which a lot of gamers are confused about, but why are gaming mice so expensive

Gaming mice are so expensive because of the technology and hardware installed in the mouse. Gaming mice use top-of-the-range sensors and machinal buttons that track your movements accurately within a fraction of a millimeter but also give you a response time superior to other, non-gaming mice. 

So, simply put, gaming mice are expensive because there are lots of fancy parts that go into making them. That being said, the gaming mouse debate doesn’t end there.

There is a range of different brands that all retail for different prices, so keep reading to know how much should you pay for a gaming mouse, what is the best gaming mice, and the best budget option.

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How Much Should You Pay for a Gaming Mouse?

How much you should spend on a gaming mouse depends on how into PC gaming you are. There is absolutely no point in buying a $200 gaming mouse if your entire PC only costs $800. Use those funds to upgrade your rig, instead. For more info about how to build a gaming PC and how much you should pay check out my article.

It is not unreasonable to pay between $150 and $300 for a top-of-the-line mouse. For most people, though, the $100 to $150 range is going to do just fine. If you’re on a tight budget, you can get a mouse-like the DeathAdder for around $50, but you shouldn’t go any lower than that. 

Just because a mouse is expensive doesn’t mean it’s better than the rest. The Logitech G Pro Wireless only costs around $130 and is used by over 90 professional Valorant players and even more professional CSGO players.

So, If I had to put a single definitive figure on how much you should pay for a gaming mouse, it would be $150. With a little research and shopping around, that’s enough money to get a high-end wireless gaming mouse that delivers the same kind of response times as wired models, something that you shouldn’t be able to get for that kind of price.

What is the Best Gaming Mouse?

This is obviously a subjective question, but I have my favorite, and that’s the Logitech G Pro Wireless that I just talked about.

You can get this mouse on Amazon for around $100, which is a complete steal if I’m honest. This mouse comes with a Hero 25K sensor and Lightspeed wireless technology that completely revolutionized Esports when it was released.

This hallmark piece of hardware from Logitech was the first wireless mouse in existence to ever be able to compete with wired mouses, and to this day, it remains one of the best on the market.

There are technically better mouses out there, but you’re not going to find anything even remotely as good as this mouse until you hit the $200+ range.

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What is the Best Budget Gaming Mouse?

Okay, let’s say you don’t have $100 to drop on a Logitech; what’s your next best option? That’s simple; it’s the Razer DeathAdder V2.

I swear by the quality of Razer’s stuff. I love the brand and have for years. In fact, the DeathAdder V1 was my mouse of choice until I upgraded to a G Pro Wireless. This mouse is going to run you around $50, which is a steal for the kind of hardware you’re getting, much like the case with the G Pro.

It comes with a Focus+ 20K DPI Optical Sensor that is used in mouses twice the DeathAdder’s price, optical mouse switches that are three times faster than mechanical buttons, and completely remapping and DPI customizability.

A lot of gaming mouses at this point don’t even let you chose your own DPI benchmarks, let alone come with a 20K DPI sensor that is found in Razer’s high-end mouse models.

The DeathAdder V2 punches far above its weight to the point where I’m unsure of how Razer is turning a profit on it. If you can push your budget for that extra $50, get the G Pro, but if you can’t, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the DeathAdder V2 at all.  

Are Cheap Gaming Mice Good?

Generally, cheap gaming mice are not good if you see a mice under $20 that looks good the manufacturer is prioritizing looks over hardware. All top gaming mice should focus on function rather than looks. But you can spend $50 on a fantastic gaming mouse the DeathAdder

Here’s a controversial topic. Are cheap gaming mice good? Well, that depends on what you consider cheap. For me, the $50 DeathAdder is a phenomenal cheap gaming mouse. However, there are some super-budget models on Amazon that I need to address.

Of course, having a mouse is better than nothing at all. If you have no choice, a cheap $20 will get the job done, it just won’t get done very well.

In my honest option, I would recommend you save up for a little bit longer and get yourself a DeathAdder V1. You can get this mouse for under $40 if you look in the right places, and it guarantees you a level of quality that those cheap Amazon mouses don’t.

What Are the Best Gaming Mouse Brands?

There are plenty, but I’m to keep it really simple for you: Razer and Logitech. Anything else, and you’re wasting your time.

Razer and Logitech have been dominating the gaming mouse industry for years now, and there’s a reason for that. The quality of the R&D that both of these companies have allows them to continue to innovate on gaming mouses with new and improved technology.

As these companies develop new and improved mouses, their older mouses, which are still incredible pieces of kit, go down in value. Hence why you can get a mouse-like the G Pro Wireless for less than $100.