How To Turn Off The PS4’s Beep (Silence The Noise!)

The PS4 makes an annoying start-up beep whenever it turns off, and it sometimes wakes up my little brother, but can you even turn it off? I researched the internet trying to find out.

Here’s how you turn off the PS4 beep, you need to dismantle it, unfortunately! There is no other way, as you cannot turn it off in the PS4’s settings. This is for the PS4 slim the original PS4 buzzer is on the mainboard and a lot harder to remove.

  • Turn The PS4 Completely Off
  • Remove The PS4 HDD and cover
  • Use a screwdriver to remove the buzz by smoldering or remove the 1K resistor on the opposite side
  • Resemble the PS4

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Follow the steps in TomTechTods video above to silence your PlayStations buzzer forever! You will need a screw driver kit to get your PS4 open which you can get for a great price on Amazon here.

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