Is It Safe To Buy An Xbox Series X/S Stockx? (My Research)

Sadly scalpers have made it very difficult to get an Xbox Series X. It is still sold out from all major retailers. You did your research and are looking at the online marketplace Stockx as an option for your Xbox, but is it safe to buy your Xbox from there?

Stockx can be a safe place to buy an Xbox Series X from. It has over 1000 employees and six authentications centers in more than 200 countries. However, it has 3.4/5 stars on Trust Pilot with over 14,000 ratings and generally has poor customer service.

I would hesitate to say it is 100% safe to buy an Xbox Series X from Stockx. Take a look at the trust pilot reviews. There are 15 1-star reviews just in the last 15 days complaining of terrible customer service.

This one from Tom Gilmor is typical of a bad review.

You have to remember these 1-star reviews are from people who didn’t receive their product, you are more likely to complain about a company than give a positive review if everything went smoothly this doesn’t change how bad the reviews are.

Remember that these 1-star reviews are from people who didn’t receive their product. You are more likely to complain about a company than give a positive review. If everything went smoothly, this doesn’t change how bad the reviews are.

Keep reading this article to know why it is and isn’t safe to buy from Stockx. To make sure you buy an Xbox and everything goes smoothly, I recommend you buy it on eBay. I bought my PS5 from eBay and wholeheartedly trusted the company. See more information about purchasing an Xbox on eBay in my article.

Why It’s Safe To Buy A Series XFrom Stockx

Every Item is 100% Legit.

According to Stockx, every item is 100% legitimate. An Xbox will go through a multi-step process through its expert team of authenticators. Stockx started as an online marketplace of design clothes like Jordan. It is where their specialty lies.

They say the entire list of your Xbox accessories will match the experience of a new Xbox bought from a reputable retailer.

‘From the full list of accessories to all the additional add-ons, rest assured that your purchase on StockX will match any retail purchase experience.’


You can see in the YouTube comments many users bought a PS5 from Stockx and were happy with their experience.

In some ways, it is safer than buying an Xbox from somewhere like the FaceBook marketplace. In 2015, GQ found 1200 people a year died from buying Jordans! So buying more than retail from eBay or Stockx keeps you safe. For sure, people have been killed trying to buy an Xbox Series X/S in person.

Transparent Pricing

Above is the current price of the Xbox Series X on Stockx on eBay. You can get it for a similar price, around $540-590. Stockx real-time marketplace works like the stock market, although unlike the PS5 on eBay, the Series X is cheaper than Stockx.

You can buy now at the lowest bid or place a lower offer at the price you want to pay. Stockx will give you immediate updates as prices move based on your requests; bids can be renewed or taken away when they’re about to expire. You will be notified ahead of time.

Stockx is the middle man, unlike eBay, so you don’t deal with rogue sellers. So, in theory, you can buy with complete confidence.

It will take roughly 14 days from the day you order to receive the console. An advantage eBay has is there is no authentication process. So you could get the Series X the next day after ordering, which happened to me with my PS5.

They have millions of customers in over 200 countries; wherever you are, you can get a Series X from Stockx.

Is there a point in buying a Series X without a 4KTV? Discover more in my article.

How Secure Are The Payments?

Stockx accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal. If you use Stockx, use PayPal as their buyer protection covers you.

Overall despite the bad trust pilot reviews, I think Stockx is a decent option to buy a Series x, although I 100% would recommend eBay as it’s cheaper there. Take a look yourself. However, there is no doubt the company comes with its risks which I will talk about now.

Why It’s Not Safe To Buy A Series X From Stockx

No Refund Policy

Stockx not offering refunds is not good. They justify it due to the anonymous nature of how their marketplace works. Still, if your PS5 stops working after a few months, you are not covered as the Series X warranty is only to the original purchaser for one year.

With eBay, you are covered for ANY potential issue. Returning is very easy on eBay it is perhaps too kind to the buyer. I had to refund a sold copy of Resident Evil 2 as the woman thought it was missing the instruction manual. Instructions manuals are NOT in games anymore!

There Support Is Not The Best

If your Xbox Series X comes with a broken controller or missing a cable you have a problem with, they do not do returns or exchanges.

Their support is notoriously bad, as shown by the 3.4/stars on trust pilot. So even if your issue gets resolved, it will be stressful to wait back from support.

The most common issue buying your Xbox Series X from Stockx is the lack of communication. Delivery companies like FEDX notoriously steal pS5s. If the delivery company doesn’t help me, it’s a stressful situation you can avoid if you buy the PS5 from eBay.