Is It Safe To Buy A Xbox Series X/S on eBay? (My Research)

Sadly, eBay is the only place the Xbox Series X/S are available due to scalpers. I know you are curious if it’s safe to buy an Xbox Series X/S from eBay. Don’t worry; this article will clear all your doubts.

It is 100% safe to buy a Series X/S from eBay as PayPal’s purchase protection covers you for buyers. You will get a full refund if you were charged for something you didn’t purchase, your Xbox never arrives, or your order arrives, but it’s different from what was described.

Keep reading this article to understand why eBay is a fantastic place to buy your Xbox Series X/S.

I’ve bought and sold countless things from eBay, including a MacBook and a Series S. I have NEVER been scammed.

On eBay, you can get a Series S for around $224-$260, which is a great price.

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Why It’s Safe To Buy An Xbox Series X/S From eBay

You can see PayPal’s buyer protection rules here I will explain in detail every part so you can understand how your protected.

You bought a book but received a DVD.

You’re looking at an Xbox Series X/S, and everything seems fine, but when you receive the box and open it up, it’s full of bricks! It is a nightmare for every gamer, but the above rule will cover you as long as you didn’t buy a brick. You bought an Xbox.

You have to be careful in this article’s research. I saw a couple of people selling an Xbox One S and calling it a ‘Series S.’ In this case, eBay will still refund you. But the claim wouldn’t be 100% as strong since the photos showed a One S, not a Series S.

You bought an item described as ‘new’ but received a used item.

If you bought a new Xbox but found any marks on the console or controller or the box showed signs of being open, you will get a refund since the item did not match the description.

The item was damaged during shipping.

eBay will cover you for any damage received during shipping; eBay has your back covered if your Xbox has a hole in it.

The item was missing major parts (that the seller didn’t report).

eBay will cover you if you’re buying a used Xbox, but it’s missing the Xbox or a controller. I’ve accidentally sold items with missing parts and needed to communicate with the buyer to give a partial refund equal to the missing parts so they can buy a replacement.

You purchased an item described as authentic but received a knockoff instead.

It is more common to buy consoles with knockoffs like the Nintendo Switch, but PayPal will cover you if you buy a fake Xbox.

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eBay will provide a full refund in all the circumstances mentioned above. However, this doesn’t stop you from getting scammed in the first place. Keep reading to know how to avoid scams so you avoid the hassle of getting a refund.

How To Avoid eBay scams As A Buyer

The reality is that 99% of eBay scams are scamming the seller, not the buyer. As a buyer, you are 100% protected from scams according to PayPal’s rules, but there are a few things to do not to get scammed.

The secret is to avoid sellers with negative feedback. Above, you can see my feedback on eBay. It is 100% positive, and a great sign of trust for the buyer.

The only time I got scammed was by purchasing a PS3 controller (see photo below); however, it was my fault, as you could see the numerous bad complaints of items not being received. The user has since been removed from eBay.

Whenever buying your Series S, take a look at the seller’s feedback. You can do this by clicking the seller’s name or looking at the seller’s feedback rating on the listing.

Treat yourself by looking at the best prices for the Series S here and the Series X here.

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