Is The Nintendo Switch Worth it? (100% Yes!)

The Nintendo Switch is a true hybrid between console and handheld but is it worth it? I’ve had it for 2 years and enjoyed every second of my time with the console.

The Nintendo Switch has 2863 different games across all different genres including mature games like Witcher 3. and fantastic Nintendo exclusives. It is great for all ages its portability allows you to play during a work commute, or any few minutes you have spare.

I am 25 and I love my Switch!

I will explain why the Switch is worth it for adults,

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Why The Nintendo Switch Is Worth It

Nintendo Switch Has Amazing Exclusives

Sure on the surface games like Breath Of The Wild and Mario Odyssey might appear childish, with the cartoony graphics and lack of realistic violence but if you let this put you off you are missing truly special gaming experiences.

Breath Of The Wild flat out is one of the best games ever made. Don’t believe me? It is 97% on Metacritic and won 189 game of the year awards!

That’s a lot of rewards!

Similarly, Mario Odyssey is 97%, and the reason I bought a Switch the fantastic fighting game Super Smash Bros Ultimate is 93%. I could go on again and again about numerous Nintendo exclusives and how well rated they are but you get the point.

Sure I am just some guy on the internet, but check this Reddit thread of numerous adult gamers JUST like you who bought the Switch and are LOVING it. The user ExcessiveGravitas quote below is just one of many who never played an exclusive Nintendo game but are loving the time spent gaming.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Zelda, to a degree that has honestly surprised me. I’ve never played a Zelda game before, nor an open-world game, nor any 3D games other than Portal. And yet I’ve sunk 200+ hours into it, defeated Ganon, and am still playing and enjoying it


Just like in life in gaming appearances can be deceiving. Don’t let the childish look of a game put you off, as it could be one of the best games you ever played!

Nintendo exclusives also don’t drop in price, one reason is you can ONLY play them on a Nintendo console, to see the other reasons see my post here.

See the review of Zelda up above to see how great it is. To treat yourself to thousands of hours of entertainment, get a Switch for the best price on Amazon here

Nintendo Switch Has Mature Games

I know what your thinking the Nintendo Switch is just for kids right? Well, you would be wrong

In 2017 the Nintendo Switch didn’t have too many games, but this has changed with third party developers increased confidence with the Switch as a system allowing them to port many of their games.

Check this comprehensive list for a complete guide of mature Nintendo Switch games including the raunchy Witcher 3,(Amazon) Skyrim, and even Doom! To see my pick of the 40 best games on the Switch check my list here.

Whilst Nintendo’s previous consoles like the GameCube and Wii were known as child consoles this simply isn’t the case anymore if a game like the Witcher 3 which has scenes of full nudity on display on the Switch then how could it be a kids console?

The Switches mature library is improving every day and with a rumored more powerful Nintendo Switch pro coming out soon the Switch will handle even more powerful games.

But don’t less childish-looking games fool you! You might miss out on one of gamings best ever experiences.

Nintendo Switch Is Perfect For Pick Up And Play

If you married or have kids I’d argue the Switch is not just worth it, it is the BEST console for you, let me explain.

If you want to play a PS4 or Xbox One you need a TV to play the system on, not the case with the Switch. In the Reddit users, ExcessiveGravitas words the ‘Switch is the perfect bridge between the two worlds’.

The Switch is the first of its kind a hybrid cross between console and handheld that gives access to amazing blockbuster gaming experiences with similar portability to your mobile phone!

Whenever you have a spare 5 minutes, simply whip out your Switch and get access to tons of excellent games within seconds! Play it on your lunch break or your train commute, or whilst your partner is on the phone!

With the PS4 unless it is always on rest mode it takes some time to boot up and to truly enjoy yourself you need to play in the living room without distractions or another room with a TV.

With the Switch, you can play on your bed, standing whilst waiting for your microwave to beep, or practically any time you can think of. The zero start-up time makes it perfect for adult gamers who think they are too ‘busy’ to do have Switch, honestly it is the perfect adult gaming console!

Other consoles like the PS4 or Xbox simply do not allow this. Does the PS4 allow you to play Witcher 3 on a train? Can the Xbox One? Not it cannot and as an adult, this is where the Switches potential really shines.

I’m a traveler and recently on a trip to China I took my switch and the brilliance of the console appeared before me. All this time spent in commute or in airplanes or hotel rooms is perfect for the Switch and far more practical than bringing an Xbox or PS4 with you or settling for an inferior mobile phone gaming experience.

If want a Switch that is even more portable and able to fit in most mens jean pockets(sorry girls!) then the Switch lite is fantastic option. It cannot be docked(played on TV) but it is $100 cheaper than the original Switch and comes in many beautiful colors like like Coral and Turquoise.

Most Switch gamers including me really only play the Switch in handheld, so why not save a lot of money and get the smaller let equally fantastic Switch lite? Get it the lite for a fantastic price on Amazon here.

If you have children then the Switch makes the perfect family console, as the various party games like Super Smash and Super Mario Kart are fun for the entire family!

To see the best 4 player local co-op games on the Switch check my post here, and other reasons why the Switch is perfect for the whole family check this link out.

The Switch Gives You Freedom On How To Play

One of the best things about the Switch is the ability to transition easily between playing docked on your TV and playing on the go, it was it’s biggest selling point when it first released.

I mean what other console can you play at home enjoying a fantastic single player experience and take it with you on your business meeting across the country?

As an adult, this gives you tremendous freedom on when and how you use the Switch. You CAN choose to play Super Smash in the living room with up to 8 people on one TV and simply take your Switch out and play upstairs in the comfort of your bed. No other console comes close to the flexibility it delivers

Your kids can enjoy it at the back of the car during a long road trip, giving them something to do aside from screaming, and you can enjoy it kicking back whilst the kids are asleep on wherever you choose to play.

Nintendo Switch, what’s there not to like?

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