PS4 How To Delete Games Off Your PS4 Profile

Your PS4 profile tells the world what are your favorite games to play, but sometimes your PS4 profile will have games showing twice maybe from one digitial game and one physical game and this looks messy and I don’t like it in my profile

Is there a way to delete PS4 games from your profile? I decided to find out.

You must have 0% trophy progression to delete games from your profile. Also, you can hide games in your PSN profile management from other people by logging in to Sony entertainment but you will still see them.

  1. Select trophies from the PS4 function screen
  2. Click options over the game you want to delete and click delete
  3. Go to save management and delete any save you might have

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How To Hide Games From Your Sony Profile

  1. Login to Sony entertainment network
  2. Go to PSN privacy settings
  3. Select gaming media
  4. hidden games> Edit

Another option is hiding games on your profile from other people, the issue is you will still be able to seem them even if you downloaded games several years ago and only played them once.

How To Delete The Other Storage On PS4

You cannot delete the other storage on PS4 as it contains the PS4 operating system and configuration, similar to how Windows takes up a large amount of hard drive space on a PC, it is necessary for the PS4 to function.

However, I will show you way on how to free PS4 space without deleting games! Sounds good right?

How To Free Up Space On PS4 Without Deleting Games

Clearing space on your PS4 is a hassle if your anything like me you have a 500GB PS4 and nowadays games files can be MASSIVE so 500GB just does not cut it.

The first step is to check your storage by navigating to settings and then storage and knowing where most of your files are saved. If you have a PS Plus membership there are ways to reduce a lot of space.

  1. Go to settings [Saved Data Management]
  2. Saved Data In Online Storage
  3. Upload To Online storage

What this does is it uploads all your games save files through the many years of playing PS4 into the cloud! Depending on how many games you have this could even be 50Gb as the PS4 has been around since 2013.

The issue is you need an activate PS plus membership and you will not be able to access your save files if you don’t have an active Plus membership which is a shame.

Another option is deleting games off your hard drive, yes I know you don’t want to do that but please check your applications as you might have a demo from years back that is taking 30+GB! Believe me, you can be shocked.

Free Up PS4 Storage Space By Using An External Hard Drive

Upgrading your PS4 memory either with an external hard drive or upgrading the PS4 SSD itself becomes a necessity if you have a 500GB PS4 and still want to play the latest and greatest releaases.

External hard drives give you the freedom to still download the best free PS plus free games ever month and not have to worry about space, sounds good right? Also you can back up all your save files and game data on your hard drive.

Not all external hard drives are compatible with the PS4 my personal recommendation is the WD 4TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive from Amazon, it is considered one of the best and it looks like a mini PS4 so it will fit just right into your setup!

How To Connect An External Hardrive To Your PS4

  1. Connect your external hard drive directly into one of your PS4/PS4 Pro USB 3.0 Ports (TIP: the PS4 has two ports on the front, the Pro has two on the front and one on the rear
  2. Under settings navigate over to devices
  3. Under Devices go to USB Storage Devices
  4. On USB storage Devices select “format as Extended Storage”
  5. You’re done! The External hard drive will appear as extended storage under storage which is located in settings if you did it right.

If you prefer a more visual explanation check out this Youtube video from Seagate one of the best producers of PS4 external hard drives.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a Seagate external drive as the process for connecting all fo them is exactly the same.

Free Up PS4 Storage Space By Upgrading The Internal Hard Drive

Another option is upgrading your PS4 internal hard drive and it isn’t difficult to do at all! Yes, it might be the most expensive option as it costs around $100 but not missing out on all those free great games is worth it right?

You will be pleased to know that it isn’t all that difficult to upgrade your internal hard drive, you just need a screwdriver for the PS4, any of these from Amazon will work.

For the hard drive, it must be 2.5mm, an ideal one is the 2TB Samsung Seagate Spinpoint that you can get for a great price on Amazon here. You also need a USB drive with at least 1GB of space, the SanDisk 16GB USB from Amazon here is my personal favorite and the one I use.

Remember when upgrading your hard drive you will lose all your data, which is why you need to pick up all your games and save data on an external hard drive like the Seagate above.

The video above by YourSixStudios will give you a step by step guide on installing your new and improved SSD, you should check him out he has great videos.

This is where you need to download the PS4 update in the screenshot above, as you are new installing your PS4 to where it came out of the box, everything needs to be backed up before you do this otherwise you will lose your memory!

How To Upgrade Your PS4s Internal Hard Drive

  1. On your computer download, the latest PS4 systems update that you can find by googling “PS4 system update”
  2. Insert your USB into the computer and format (this will delete everything)
  3. Create a folder on your USB called ‘PS4’ and inside that folder create another one called ‘update’
  4. Place the PS4 system update you downloaded into your download folder and it must be named PS4UPDATE.PUP otherwise it will not work
  5. Remove the cover from your PS4, and screw the two screws from the hard drive, press the took of your PS4 hard drive and it should slide out easily
  6. Remove all four screws from the hard drive and replace with your new hard drive and screw it back. slide back the hard drive and put all the screws you removed and put the cover back on
  7. Put your USB into your PS4 and hold the power button for 7 seconds to boot your PS4 into safe mode, follow all the prompts and install the system software, this will take around 10 minutes so be patient!

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