Xbox One S Amps Everything You Need To Know

Like all electrical devices, consoles use energy; in this article, I will go over how many amps the Xbox One And One S uses and whether or now you can use them on 220v.

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How Many Amps Does Xbox One S Use?

Depending on the load, the Xbox One S uses between 0.29 amps to 0.75 amps. The amps will be around 0.29 when the console is on standby mode but will be 0.75 when running a game.

In real-world testing, the Xbox One S consumes 11W when in standby mode and 58W when running games. It is a more recent console than the original Xbox One; hence, it has a higher efficiency in power consumption. The PS4 Slim CUH-2000, in comparison, consumes 63W when running Rocket League.

Do note that power consumption is also going to depend on the game that you are running. Older titles will not put as much of a load on the consoles compared to modern graphics-intensive titles, so that that power consumption can vary from game to game.

A significant difference between the original Xbox One and the One S is that the Xbox One S does not come with a massive power brick, and it comes with a vertical stand out of the box.

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How Many Amps Does It Take To Run Xbox One?

The Xbox One uses between 0.58amps to 1.0 amp to run; the amps will be around 0.29 on standby and 0.75 amps when running a game.

The original console is pretty dated at this point and not as efficient as the Xbox One S. It consumes 20W at idle and 105W when running games. To give you a comparison, the PS4 consumes 6W on standby and 116W when running a game.

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Does Xbox One Work On 220v?

The Xbox One power supply has different versions depending on the region. These include 100-110V, 220-240V, and 100-240V versions. It is recommended that you buy the power supply specific to your region. Otherwise, you might damage the console.

The different versions of the Xbox One power supply are the same size. They also have a fuse that protects the console from power surges and excessive voltage. Unfortunately, the fuse cannot be replaced, so you will have to get a new power supply if the fuse blows.

The Xbox One S internal power supply supports both 110 and 220V all you will need to do is change the cable to match the wall socket or use an adapter plug.

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