Complete Guide To Xbox Power Cords

Taking care of your Xbox alone isn’t enough to keep it running perfectly, cleaning and taking care of the accessories of your Xbox is also important, there’s a lot you might not know about Xbox’s power cords and how they can impact the life of your console. 

But to get you up to speed, I’m here with a complete guide to Xbox power cords that’ll inform you of everything you need to know about these power cords. I will be answering frequently asked questions regarding Xbox power cords.

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What can I use as an Xbox power cord?

Any non-polarized 125V AC cord (female version) that fits inside the brick can be used as an Xbox power cord. Power cords that come with PC’s power supplies or in coffee makers can also be used as an Xbox power cord. However, Microsoft strongly suggests using the power cord that comes with the box. 

If you’ve damaged the genuine power cord of your Xbox then you can order one from Microsoft’s device support website. But, if you’re in a hurry and can’t wait a long period of time then you can always buy a replacement AC power cord on Amazon. These replacement AC power cords are compatible with most versions of the Xbox console. 

In some cases, the power brick can be faulty and needs to be replaced. To catch the culprit, make sure to troubleshoot the problem before ordering a new power cord.

Are all Xbox One Power Cords the Same?

The original Xbox One comes with an external fan-assisted power supply that measures 6.69 x 1.88 x 2.96 inches (about 17 x 4.8 x 7.5 cm). The size is the same in the 100-110V, 220-240V, and 100-240V. The Xbox One power cord is the same but has a built-in power brick.

If you’re planning to use the Xbox One S cord on Xbox One, you can’t as no power supply brick comes with the Xbox One S power cord. If you’ve accidentally spilled a drink on your power brick or some other incident has damaged the power brick, then it’s best to replace it with the original one. 

The power cords for Xbox One are designed differently for each region of the world because of the difference in power requirements. It is recommended by Microsoft to buy the extension cord manufactured for your region for optimal performance.

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Will a 360 Power Cord work for Xbox One?

Xbox 360 cords do work with Xbox One but you need to purchase a power supply adapter for Xbox 360 to Xbox One. Or you can alter the power cord of your Xbox One and align the pins with the input ports of the Xbox One.

You can purchase a power supply adapter on Amazon for a bargain here.

I highly recommend buying the above adapter because it is the safest way to make Xbox 360 power cord work for Xbox One. However, altering the cable and aligning the pins isn’t a safe option, but it would work because both versions of Xbox use the same generic IEC C7 power cords. 

All the versions of Xbox 360 have different power cords, and the power cord that comes with Xbox 360 S is similar to the one that comes with Xbox One. Only the cord that comes with Xbox 360 S can be altered to work with Xbox One, but again, it isn’t the safest option. 

Can you use a different power cord for Xbox One?

In the US any non-polarized 18 AWG (7 Amps) 125V AC power cord should work. Although Microsoft recommends using the power cord that comes with the Xbox One for best performance.

Since there are a few versions of Xbox One, the power cord for each of them isn’t the same. Furthermore, the power requirements also differ from region to region. To get the proper power cord for Xbox One, Microsoft suggests buying the cord from them or finding the authentic one at your local electronics store. 

Moreover, replacement power cords and power bricks for the Xbox One are also readily available online as well. If you’ve lost or damaged your power adapter then you can purchase Xbox One replacement power cord on Amazon with just a few clicks. 

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Can I plug my Xbox into an Extension Cord?

You can plug an Xbox into an extension cord without worries, as the Xbox has a built-in surge protector.

All the Xbox versions from Xbox 360 and onwards are equipped with surge protectors, and if something fishy is going on with the extension cord, the surge protectors will keep the console from getting damaged. Although, Microsoft recommends plugging the power cord directly into the power outlet to avoid any mishaps. 

If you’re planning to use Xbox through an extension cord then we recommend buying a new and reliable one that won’t have any electrical issues. The GE 3-outlet extension cord is available for a bargain on Amazon is a superb choice for most Xbox gamers because it has the same input connectors with twist-to-close safety measures to keep children and pets stay safe.  

Can you use an Xbox power cord on PS4?

The PS4 and Xbox One S should use a figure of 8 cables, both the Xbox S and PS4 have built-in power supplies that use the same power cord

The older version of Xbox, the Xbox 360 uses a slightly different power cord and it cannot be directly plugged into the PS4. It’s best to buy a legitimate power cord from the original manufacturer or you could buy one online. The AC replacement cord on Amazon is compatible with Xbox One and PS4 is readily available.

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Is The Xbox One Power Cord Polarised or Nonpolarized?

The Xbox One uses 125V 10A (IEC C7) nonpolarized power cord. Most gaming and household accessories, like consoles, speakers, electronic kettles use non polarized power cords to operate. The nonpolarized have figure 8 like connectors and you’ll find a similar port on your Xbox

The polarized power cords are identical to nonpolarized ones, but you can easily tell them apart because they have slightly different connectors. As mentioned earlier, the nonpolarized cords have figure 8 like shapes while the polarized power cords also have a figure 8 like shape but, one side of the connector is flat instead of round. This easy trick can help you differentiate between polarized and nonpolarized power cords. 

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