Xbox One & Surge Protectors The Complete Guide

Even the slightest power surge could often total your gaming console. And when you’ve spent hard-earned money on your beloved console like Xbox One, it would be heart-wrenching to see it get damaged by electricity fluctuations.

I’m offering a complete guide to Xbox One and its surge protectors and how they play a vital role in protecting the console from power surges. We’ll also be answering the most frequently asked questions to get you up to speed and educate you on everything you’ll ever need to know about your Xbox One and its surge protectors. 

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Should Xbox One be Plugged Into Surge Protector?

The Xbox One should not be plugged into a surge protector, Xbox one consoles are equipped with surge protectors that prevent the console from getting damaged during voltage spikes or power surges, the Xbox One is designed to be plugged directly into a wall outlet, as stated in the support article for setting up the console.

Microsoft has designed surge protectors for all its consoles, including the Xbox One, Xbox One X/S, and Xbox Series X/S. The older versions of the console, the Xbox 360, also have a surge protector installed in the power brick of the power cord. 

Microsoft also explained that plugging an Xbox One into a surge protector is not the best practice because they can limit it from reaching its full potential. After all, the surge protectors can limit the electricity provided to the console. And when the Xbox One is not reaching its full potential, the gaming performance and the longevity of the console will also suffer. 

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Should I unplug Xbox One during a Lightning Storm? 

Unplugging an Xbox One during a lightning storm is the best way to avoid the risk of electrical damage. Even with the Xbox One built-in surge protector, the damage caused to the console in a lighting storm could permanently damage it. 

If a lightning storm hits your house in the worst-case scenario, it will cause a significant power surge. Since all the electrical wiring goes through the same mainboard, the power lines could overcharge the electrical appliances, including Xbox One, which can destroy your Xbox’s electrical functions. It will be electrocuted into oblivion. 

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Can a Power Surge Damage an Xbox One? 

A power surge can damage an Xbox One, but it is doubtful due to the in-built surge protector in the Xbox One power cord. But a power failure could damage the console’s motherboard if there were multiple power spikes before the outage.

The older versions of the Xbox, including Xbox 360, Xbox 360 S/E, also have power surge protectors installed inside the power brick of the power cord. However, they aren’t as reliable as the ones installed in the latest versions of the Xbox One. 

Even though the power surge protectors installed inside the power bricks can resist a small amount of power surge, a huge spike is extremely dangerous and could cause damage to the Xbox 360 lineup. 

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Does the Original Xbox One have a built-in Surge Protector?

All versions of the Xbox One, including the original Xbox One, have built-in surge protectors. However, Microsoft explained that all the latest arrangements of the Xbox One are designed to be directly plugged into a power outlet on your wall instead of using surge protector extensions. 

The power cord of the Xbox One features a power brick that can also act as a surge protector, but it won’t be able to resist a big power surge. However, the surge protector prebuilt inside the internal power supply of the console can shield the console from power surges. 

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