Do Kontrolfreeks Really Work? (Do They Make You Better?)

I’ve been using Kontrol Freeks for years now. I’ve had the same set all throughout my Call of Duty competitive career, so it’s safe to say that I have some experience using them. 

KontrolFreeks really work, they help to increase the control you have over your aim by requiring fewer movements for micro-corrections. Using KontrolFreeks gives you better response time than your opponent, making you play better

I’m living proof that Kontrol Freeks really do work. I’ve been using them for lord knows how long to the point where it feels weird to play without them.

Obviously, Kontrol Freeks are just one part of the equation. You actually need to get good at the game, as well. That being said, I do have some more information on Kontrol Freeks to share with you down below. 

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Do Pro COD Players Use Kontrol Freeks?

Not as many COD pros use Kontrolfreeks today as they used to. The rise in custom controller builds resulted in a lot of players not needing Kontrol Freeks as they come built into their joypad. That being said, they are all still using analog-stick extensions, which is exactly what Kontrol Freeks are. 

Long story short, yes, COD pros use Kontrol Freeks in some capacity, although most have them already built into their Scuf or Battle Beaver controllers. You might not have that luxury, though, so let me answer some questions you might have about KFs. 

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Do Scuf Controllers Have Kontrol Freeks Built-in?

More or less, yes. While Scuf doesn’t work with Kontrol Freek directly, the company does have its own version of the same technology that it uses. 

If you’ve ever looked at building a custom Scuf controller, then you know what I’m talking about. You get to pick both the size of your analog as well as the dome you have on it. 

Both of these options are essentially what makes up any one pair of Kontrol Freeks, so the ability to choose a custom set of requirements is invaluable to the pro players that are using Scuf controllers, to see if Scuf controllers are worth it see my article.

Do Kontrol Freeks Ruin Your Controller?

One of the obvious questions you might have is whether or not using Kontrol Freeks is going to destroy your PlayStation or Xbox controller. Lord knows that they’re expensive, so the last thing you want to be doing is damaging them. 

Thankfully, Kontrol Freeks don’t ruin or damage your controller in any way. All Kontrolfreeks are, are extension analog sticks that attach over the ones already installed on your controller. There’s no need to force or squeeze anything, and there are no illegal modifications to be made. 

So, no, Kontrol Freeks are not going to ruin your controller. All that they’re going to do is help improve your accuracy in whatever first-person shooter you play. They improve the longevity of your sticks as an added layer protects the thumb stick for general ware and tear as well as dirt and grime.

I recently sold my PS4 so when I needed to borrow my friends PS4 Pro to play the Last Of Us 2, as soon as I used the non Kontrolfreek PS4 controller to play Spiderman I immediately went on Amazon to buy KontrolFreeks even with non FPS games once you get a taste of Kontrolfreeks you can NEVER go back.

Do Kontrol Freeks Make You Better?

KontrolFreeks make you better because they elevate a controllers analog sticks resulting in better range of motion for your thumbs as the sticks are longer and easier to control. This improved range of motion makes aiming at targets far easier. Resulting in more kills and fewer deaths.

The whole point of buying a set of Kontrol Freeks in the first place is to make you better at your game of choice. However, there’re a whole bunch of different products that claim to do something similar but are just money-making schemes.

If you want to see a slight but immediate improvement in your game, then you should buy yourself a set of Kontrol Freeks. However, don’t expect them to turn you into Scump or Nadeshot overnight. 

Thet will help you shoot straight, but you need to put in the work to get better yourself. It doesn’t matter how good the tools are if an amateur is wielding them. To see how to improve in Call Of Duty which will make you better in every FPS see my article.

Are Kontrol Freeks Expensive?

So, let’s assume you are interested in buying Kontrol Freeks. You’re obviously wondering how much damage a pair is going to do to your wallet. 

Well, unlike pretty much every single controller-related accessory on the planet, Kontrol Freeks are super affordable. You can pick up a pair for around $15, and they should last you for years, provided you look after them. I have two pairs one for my Xbox controller and one for my PS5. If you don’t have the latest generation of consoles don’t worry as your PS4/Xbox One Kontrolfreeks will work on PS5/Xbox Series X/S controllers.

I still have my first pair of Kontrol Freeks nearly a decade later. Granted, I have upgraded several times since then, but my OG ones are still sitting on my second controller for me to use every now and again. 

A set of Kontrol Freeks is going to cost you the price of a pizza and will improve your FPS gameplay for years to come, so do yourself a favor and invest in a pair. 

How Do I Get Better at FPS Games?

Owning a set of Kontrol Freeks is only one small fraction of the battle when it comes to getting better at FPS games. You still have a massive mountain to climb that involves a lot of other areas to both improve and invest in. 

If you’re serious about improving your gameplay, give this and this a read. Both of these articles are going to help you improve and develop your FPS skill in different ways. 

Just be aware that if you want to really get good at shooters, you’re in for a bumpy ride. You’re going to have to spend hours practicing every week and be prepared to come to hate the game you’re playing. 

The skills you learn while training for FPS games are universal, though. You can apply them to other games, both FPS and otherwise, as well as areas of your real life. 

Getting good at COD or Destiny means learning how to communicate and operate effectively as a part of a team. Skills like that can even help you in the workplace, so it’s a journey well worth taking.

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