How To Change PS4 Party Name

PS4 parties are great but sometimes you want to change the name of the party, can you even do that? I researched the internet trying to find out.

Create a party but do not invite any friends to join the party, then you will be able to rename your party. If you invite a friend to join a party and a party is created automatically then you cannot change the party’s name.

Now you can change your PS4 party name to anything you want.

To find out how to switch party chat to game chat on PS4 and if you can change your PS4 username for free please read on.

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How To Switch From Party Chat To Game Chat On PS4

  • Hold down the PlayStation button to open the quick menu on the left-hand side
  • Scroll Down to [Party]
  • Select [Chat Audio] and select [prioritize Game Chat]
  • Select [prioritise Party Chat] to switch back

This is the quickest method to switch from talking with your friends in your party to game chat, sorry there isn’t a quicker method!

Can You Change Your PS4 Username For Free?

You can only change your PS4 username for free once, after that it is $9.99 here’s how to do it.

  • Settings- [Account Management]- [Account Information]
  • Click on [Profile]- [Online ID]
  • Click [Continue] two times
  • You will be asked to sign in to your account, so sign in if you haven’t already
  • Enter your new online ID and click on [confirm]

Now changing your PS4 ID carries with it some risks, Sony will inform you of these risks before you change your PSN ID but I have written them out for you.

Risks Of Changing PS4 Username

  • You may lose access to paid content like DLCs or digital downloads
  • Your paid content or progress may not save
  • Some of your games or applications both online and offline might not work properly
  • Your previous Online ID(s) may remain visible to you and other players

Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Now you can change that dorky PSN username you made when you were 12,Hurrah!

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