Can Friends See A Private Party PS4?

Everyones loves the party feature on PS4 but sometimes you want to make a private party between friends, but can other friends see your on a private party on PSN? It’s not good to feel left out, so I researched the internet trying to answer this question.

Private parties are hidden to anyone who is not invited to the party, you cannot join them or see them unless you are invited. You can join and create parties if you appear offline, but people will see you as ‘anonymous user’ until you join a party

I will explain how to hide your party on PS4 and appear offline, and who can see your real name on PS4 as your personal information is very important! Read on to find out.

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How To Make A Private Party On PS4?

  1. On the main menu go to [party]
  2. Go to [create a party], you will see [make this party private] select this option

I know having that friend you kind of like on PS4 but don’t want him/her to join your parties is an awkward situation to be in, now you know how to stop them from joining!

How about appearing offline all together? That is covered in the next step.

How To Appear Offline On PS4

  1. Log out of your PS4 account
  2. On your account select, the [options] button on your controller and you will see [login with Online Status Appear Offline] select this option to appear offline on your PS4

This method stops your account from appearing to your friend’s screen when first logging in if you always appear offline at your profiles menu. Sometimes we just want to play video games and chill, and there’s nothing wrong with that. See my list of the best PS4 games here.. See my list of the best PS4 games here.. See my list of the best PS4 games here.

How Do I Hide My Real Name On PS4?

  1. Select [Profile] On The PS4 Home Menu
  2. Under your profile name next to ‘set online status’ select the … option and select [edit profile[
  3. Go to [Name] change your real name to something different
  4. To not display your real name to a specfic profile, go to their profile and select the … again and click [remove from friends] and then send another friend request

Does PS4 Show What You’re Watching On Netflix?

The PS4 will show your friends that your using Netflix but not any specific shows or movies, but you can disable showing Netflix and apps like Spotify from showing in your activity, by using the hidden game section option.

How To Hide Games & Applications From Your PS4 Activity

  1. On The Home Screen scroll over to the right to [settings] and then [account management]
  2. [Account Information] > [Privacy Settings] > [Gaming/Media]
  3. Here you can either hide specfic games for your activity or applications like NetFlix
  4. Now no one can see what games or applications your playing!