How To Get PS4 Party Chat On PC

Want to get PS4 party chat on PC? Everyone loves PS4’s party chat features but is it even possible to get PS4 party chat on PC? Don’t worry as I will show you exactly how to do it and answer any questions you might have.

  1. Open any web browser on your PC and search for [PS4 Remote Play] and download the application
  2. Open the remote play app, and sign in to your PS4 account, and set your frame rate to high, you should be signed in to your PS4 on your computer
  3. If you weren’t successful go to [settings] on your PS4 and scroll down to [remote play connection settings] and click [add device] you will get an 8 digit number
  4. On your computer on the remote play app input the number you just found on your PS4, enable a microphone to your PC and now you can use PS4 party chat on your PC!

You can download the PS4 remote play app right here from Sonys official website, if you get confused please refer to the YouTube video down below!

Don’t go anywhere, as I will explain how if you can do PS4 party chat on your phone, and if Xbox can join PS4 party chat, read on to find out!

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How To Connect PS4 Party Chat To PC

How To PS4 Party Chat On The Phone

  1. Download the [PS4 Remote Play] application on your phone and open the app
  2. You must be connected to the same Wi-Fi as your PS4, click the settings on the top right of the app and click [Change PS4 to connect to] and click [Register Mannually] if the app doesn’t connect with your PS4
  3. Go to [settings] on your PS4 and scroll down to [remote play connection settings] and click [add device] you will get an 8 digit number
  4. Add this 8 digit code to the remote play app in your phone, and sign in to your PS4 on your phone
  5. Using your phone, create a PS4 party as normal, make sure to uncheck the mute next to your PlayStation ID and now you can use your phone as a mic and talk to your PS4 party friends!

If you get stuck with any of the steps, please follow YourSixStudios video above

Can Xbox Join PS4 Party Chat?

There is no direct party chat between PS4 and Xbox other than in cross-platform game lobbies, but you can use Skype or Discord to talk between platforms.

  1. Connect a computer mixamp into the optical out port behind your Xbox or PS4
  2. Plug the computer mixamp into your computer and switch the audio from Xbox to PC
  3. Sign into discord and go to [voice and video] and change the output device to your headphones

Download discord right here, you need a creative sound blaster mix amp for PC and consoles for the best price on Amazon here, if you have wired headphones you need a 3.5mm audio splitter, this one is for cars but it will work just fine.

Follow the following video if you have wired headphones and you want to have a party chat across platforms!

How To Listen To PC & Consoles Audio

  1. Take a 3.5 mm headphone jack and plug it into a monitor that your playing Xbox or PS4(it must be a headphone jack)
  2. With the audio splitter plug a 3.5 mm cable into the Microphone jack of your computer
  3. You should hear the sound from your Xbox/PS4 if you can’t go to disabled section of your computers sound devices, find a device that says [speakers] and move around on your Xbox and see if you hear any audio, play and around and find the correct audio settings.

If you get confused, watch Outlets fantastic YouTube video up above!