Can Friends See A Private Party On PS4?

Private parties on PlayStation are a great way to invite and play with your friends. You can make your gaming experience better by using voice chats at a private party. But many people wonder whether other friends in their friend list can see their private party.

Unless a person is invited to your private party, they cannot see or join your party. You can play games and voice chat in a private party without being noticed by anyone else on your friend list. 

If you want to know how you can hide your party from your friend list and whether your friends can see what you are watching or playing on your PS4, keep reading below to find out.

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How Do I Hide My Party On PS4?

In order to hide your party from your friends on PS4, you will have to create a private party. Here’s how you can create a private party on PS4:

  • On the Parties screen, select Start Party.
  • Select an existing Group or Create Group from the list.
  • Pick your group name, configure your Privacy Settings, and Add Players to join your party. 

After the PlayStation 8.00 firmware update, all PS4 parties are now private, meaning that no uninvited people can join your party. The new privacy settings are to protect you from unwanted people joining your session. Once you have created a group, it will always remain even after your session ends, enabling you to create parties more easily.

With the latest update, you can only start a party with a group of people that you have messaged before. So if you want to start a party with someone you have never messaged before, for example, a friend of a friend, you will have to start a conversation with them first in order to add them to your party.

The new 8.0 update has however removed events and private communities. According to the official notes,  

“After 8.00, you will no longer be able to create Events or access existing Events created by other users. We are also removing the ability to create private Communities under the Community app on PS4. If you already have existing private Communities, you can continue to access them.”

Your parties however, are still private and invite-only.

Can friends See What I’m Watching On PS4?

No, your friends cannot see what website you are using on your PS4 browser. Your status will just appear online to your friends when you are browsing or watching Netflix.

You can also hide your games or activities from your friends on PS4. 

Here’s how:

How to Hide PS4 Games and Activities from Friends

Follow the steps below to learn how to hide your games and activities from friends:

  1. Go to your PS4 Settings.
  2. Go to Account Management.
  3. Scroll down to Privacy Settings.
  4. Go to Games.
  5. Scroll down to Hidden Games.
  6. Finally, go to Hidden Games for PS4.

You can select which games you want to hide from your friends. Similarly, you can also hide your activities from friends.

Note: You can also choose specific friend(s) to hide your games/activities from. 

Are PS4 Parties Monitored?

Yes, according to the 8.0 PlayStation firmware update players must agree to have their voice chats monitored for moderation purposes, many fans are upset about this breach of privacy

I know all of you PS4 players must be feeling pretty violated right now about this horrible breach of privacy from Sony.

Sony made it compulsory for everyone to agree to their conversations being recorded with the release of firmware 8.0 update. The new system update is intended to improve party conversations and allows users to record someone’s voice chat and report it for being inappropriate. So better be careful with what you say to your friends now! ????

This is not something new. In fact, Sony and Microsoft both already had rights to record and monitor player communications in PS4 parties. However, this became widely known ever since the release of firmware 8.0 update, driving players into a frenzy upon this “breach” of privacy. 

What Can Followers See On PS4?

Your followers on PSN can see the content you share with Public. This can include their trophies, screenshots, activities, communities, currently playing games etc.

Without adding you as friends on PSN, people can now follow you to view the content you share with them. They can only see the content that you share with Public.

Your followers can view what you share with them in the What’s New section. Thanks to the Follow feature on PSN, users can now stay updated with the latest additions in the gaming community they can also follow PlayStation Support accounts to stay informed of any upcoming changes and get their questions answered by them in the comments. 

Check this list to follow some official PlayStation accounts on your PS4 and stay aware of everything going on in the community.