How Much Should A Used Nintendo Switch Cost?

The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic console, but it doesn’t drop much value. Buying a used Nintendo Switch is a good way to save money but how much should a used Switch cost? Read to find out.

A used Switch can cost anywhere between $202 to $325 depending on the age of the console if it comes with any pre-installed games, it’s condition, and if it’s a Version 1 or 2, and if it comes with any games or accessories sold as a bundle.

I looked on sold ebay listings at all the different types of switches, I will explain how much you should pay for each Switch and whether or not you a used switch is worth it, Read on to find.

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How Much Should You Pay For A Used Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch With Standard Accessories

I looked on eBay and you should expect to pay anywhere between $227.50- $290 for a Nintendo Switch that includes all the basic accessories which are as follows.

Nintendo Switch Included Accessories

  • Nintendo Switch Dock
  • Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons (L&R)
  • Nintendo Switch Charger
  • Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Straps
  • HDMI Cable
  • Joy-Con Grip

These accessories can be VERY expensive by themselves, the Joy-Cons themselves cost $45 each to produce! Read my post here to find out why.

I’m selling my Switch dock for $47 on eBay so don’t even think about buying a used Switch that does not contain these accessories! But is it even worth buying a used Nintendo Switch? Check my post here to find out.

You can buy a new version 2 Nintendo Switch from Amazon for a great price for around $300 here so your only saving between $73-$10 buying used. You need to ask yourself if there’s value there.

One one hand Nintendo hardware and accessories are notorious for holding their value, I explain the reasons why here so buying used could free up the cash for a AAA Nintendo game like Breath Of The Wild or Super Mario Odyssey.

Buying used brings with it other issues as the Switch could be banned from online play or have cosmetic defects not visible in the photos, I explain other issues in my post.

I believe the true value for buying used comes with the potential games and accessories that are bundled with it.

Nintendo Switch With Accessories & Games

As Switch games are between $38-$60(see the best games here) getting 3-4 will skyrocket the potential value of used Switch. Accessories are also super expensive,(see my accessory guide) as Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is around $80!

The bundle directly above sold for $410, with 1 EXTRA set of Joy-Cons and four games, I will calculate the cost of this bundle if you bought everything new, you will see for yourself what a BARGAIN this person got! Lucky guy/girl.

Total cost? $573! Giving you a MASSIVE saving of $163 this is where the true value of buying used lies.

I fought many other similar bargains such as this one. I will explain the total cost of all bought new.

This one is even MORE impressive, everything if bought new is $646 saving you $197! Clearly buying pre-owned can bless you with beautiful deals if your looking in the right places.

Nintendo Switch Lite

I saw prices ranging from $110 to $180 so you should pay around $154 for a used Switch lite. Similar to the Nintendo Switch there is always more value in buying a bundle including accessories.

However I saw a lot less Switch Lite accessory bundles as since the Lite is hand held only the accessories are limited to cases and comfort grips.

Although the Switch Lite is currently on Amazon for around $228 so buying used saves you about $74 increasing the value on buying a Lite used compared to a normal Nintendo Switch. I believe the reason is as the Switch original has more accessories it retains it value a lot more than Switch Lite which is a handheld only console that only comes with a charger.

Nintendo Switch Tablet Only

I could NOT believe how much table only switches were going for! The cheapest I saw was $76 but you can see for yourself the prices went up to $249! So you should pay roughly $125-$150 for just the switches tablets.

The only reason you would buy a tablet only if it your Switches tablet got damaged so you need a replacement, or you REALYL want a V2 Switch with improved battery life, see how the switches compare in this article by cnet.