How To Fix PS4 Controller Bluetooth Connected But Not Working

PS4 controller connection issues are annoying, yet they are easy to fix. If your controller Bluetooth is connected but not working, here’s what you should do:

  1. Switch off the PS4
  2. Unplug Your PS4
  3. Locate a Tiny Button Reset Button at the Back of Controller Near L2
  4. Push the Button with Small Tool for 3-5 Seconds
  5. Connect the PS4 Controller to Console via USB Cable
  6. Press PS Button

This should fix your issues, I will explain other things you can do, how to fix PS4 controller bluetooth interference and why your PS4 controller is charging but isn’t connecting. Read on to find out.

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How To Fix PS4 Controller Connection Issues

  1. Perform a hard reset of your PS4 by holding down the PS4 power button until you hear two beeps
  2. Disconnect the power cord from your PS4 for 15 seconds then reconnect the power cord
  3. Connect your controller to your PS4 with a USB cable and turn on the PS4 by pressing the PS button on your controller

After performing every step critically, check the light bar. If it turns blue, then your PS4 controller is connected and ready to play.

Note that the first thing to do is to connect the controller with the help of a USB cable when you’re facing a wireless connection problem, grab the official PS4 USB cable from Amazon here it will definitely work.

For connecting the PS4 console via USB, you can use the default cable that came with the PS4 console. In case if it doesn’t work, try a different one. However, an ordinary USB cable alone won’t work, and you’ll have to use a micro USB converter to connect with the controller.

After getting the working USB cable, connect it with the controller and restart the console. If the USB cable and controller are fine, the console will immediately recognize the controller and make a connection.

If the problem persists, move on to the next fix. The problem doesn’t always lie with the controller; it may be your console that has some corrupted issues disconnecting the controller frequently.

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How to Restart Your PS4 Console Completely

Restart your PS4 console completely to fix the controller’s connection:

  1. Press and Hold the PS4 Button Until the Second Beep
  2. Release the Button After the Beep
  3. Unplug All Cables of Controller and Console
  4. Leave Your Console for a Few Minutes
  5. Plug-in the Cables
  6. Turn Your PS4 ‘ON’ and Recheck Controller

This isn’t a common issue with PS4 users, but it does cause problems in a smooth PS4 Bluetooth connection.

PS4 Controller Bluetooth Interference Fix

  • Change the channel of your Wi-Fi router to 11 and set it to not auto-change
  • Turn off Bluetooth on other devices in your home to reduce interference
  • Sit closer to the PS4 so the Bluetooth signal does not get interrupted
  • Play with a wired connection
  • Set your PS4 to connect controllers via USB by Settings > Devices>Controllers > Communication Method>Set to “Use USB Cable
  • Don’t play near a microwave as this can interfere with your Bluetooth connection.

Evert wireless device in your house can affect the Bluetooth connection between your PS4 and your PS4 controller, the best way to reduce interference is by connecting the controller with a USB cable. In this way, the controller will work smoothly and seamlessly.

However, if you notice input lag even with a wired connection then your PS4 controller model might be CUHZCT2, which had an issue causing input lag. See this YouTube video for more information.

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Why is Your PS4 Controller Acting On Its Own?

Due to interference or dust stuck between the buttons and analog stick, PS4 controllers might move by themselves. Try switching electronic devices near the controller off and clean the controller properly to avoid the PS4 controller acting on its own.

The most common reason for it is dust and worn out buttons because of hardcore gaming sessions, you can watch the YouTube video above on how to fix analog drift it’s simple.

You put the analog stick to one side, whilst pushing it hard in every direction and blow hard on the analog stick, do both sticks around 3 times, see the video for an explanation.

It’s really annoying when the gaming character keeps going up on the screen when you’re trying to move it down. The problem of the PS4 controller acting on its own can snatch away many wins that you deserve.

  1. Turn OFF All Bluetooth Devices Nearby (Including Phones)
  2. Use a Different (Working) Controller
  3. Go to ‘Settings’
  4. Select ‘Devices’
  5. Select ‘Bluetooth Devices’
  6. Choose the Affected Controller
  7. Select the Option ‘Forget Device’
  8. Reconnect Controller and Check it Again

Can You Calibrate PS4 Controllers?

To calibrate a PS4 controller, check for a small hole at the back. There is a tiny button buried inside that hole. Press it with a paper clip end for a few seconds. This will force the controller to a hard reset.

Although there is no specific way of calibration for PS4 controllers, you can reset it to default settings by pressing that small button, see the video above on how to do it.

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Why Will My PS4 Controller Charge But Not Connect?

If your PS4 controller is getting charged by the USB cable but doesn’t connect with console, the USB cable is more likely defected or faulty. Other factors causing problem related to controller can be repaired by resetting the controller.

The very obvious reason for it seems to be a bad cable or a bad USB port. Try changing the USB cable and recheck the connection between the controller and the console.

Sometimes, the PS4 controller says it is charging but in actual, it’s not. Try charging your phone with the same USB port, if your phone is getting charged, then you need to replace the cable.

If the cell phone doesn’t charge then the problem is with the USB cable grab the official PS4 USB cable from Amazon here which should work.