How To Use A Laptop As A Monitor For Xbox One (It’s Easy)

Want to use a laptop as a monitor for Xbox One? Luckily it’s easy to set up, but the process is different depending on if you have a Windows laptop or Macbook.

  1. Download the ‘Xbox Console Companion App on your laptop
  2. Connect an HDMI to your laptop and Xbox One, your laptop should recognize the Xbox One if not press the FN+F8 to switch between external HDMI input source
  3. On the ‘Xbox Console Companion App’ on the laptop select ‘stream’
  4. If it says ‘sign into your console using this account’ reconnect the HDMI cable to your TV and then sign in, then reconnect the HDMI cable to your laptop

Download the Xbox Companion App from Microsoft here.

You need a good internet connection to get the lowest latency as possible, also buying a gaming monitor will ensure you get the best picture and gaming experience possible, see the best gaming monitors on Amazon here.

I will explain how to stream your Xbox One to a Macbook, read to find out!

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How To Connect Xbox One To MacBook

  1. Download ‘OneCast’ on your MacBook
  2. Find your Xbox One IP address by going on home screen> settings>network settings>advanced settings, you will see your IP address
  3. On OneCast find your Xbox One using the IP address to start steaming, you know it’s working when your laptop or TV says you have started streaming.

Download the OneCast app here, it has a free 14-day trial and a life time subscription for MacBook is $24.47, I’ve tried it on the Xbox Series S and it didn’t work at the time of writing, but in the future OneCast willl add Xbox Series X/S functionaliy.

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