How to Use PS5 Picture in Picture (It’s Simple!)

Are you frustrated at not being able to see where your in-game friends are, during a competitive match? How about watching an in-depth YouTube walkthrough, while being able to play the same game at the same time? Read on to find out more on how you can have multiple screens open via your PlayStation 5 console.

  1. On the PS5 Home screen, browse to ‘Explore’.
  2. Scroll down to ‘Popular Videos of Games You Follow’.
  3. Select a YouTube video suggested.
  4. On the YouTube video opened, browse underneath the video and choose ‘Screen Layout’.
  5. Now, select ‘Picture-in-Picture’.
  6. Move the video to your desired location on the screen, and press [X].
  7. You can now game while having a YouTube video open, in Picture-in-Picture mode.

NOTE: Dedicated/ Built-in applications (YouTube, Netflix, etc.) are not able to run in Picture-in-Picture mode yet, until a future patch addresses this issue.

If you would like to see a better video on getting this done, Tokeyo Nico did well to explain the necessary steps required to utilize the Picture-in-Picture mode, below:

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By being able to play and watch media applications together, you can save some meaningful hours multitasking before getting ready to face the real world (work, school, etc.).

Still, some social media influencers have already made millions by dedicating their time to playing video games, making it easier for them to achieve financial freedom.

But what if you want to “git gud” at a specific game? Can you complete a number of playthroughs by watching other YouTube walkthroughs at the same time? Here’s how down below:

How Do I Watch YouTube While Playing PS5?

  1. On the PS5 Home screen, press the PS Logo button on the controller.
  2. Scroll through the bottom menu to ‘Game Base’.
  3. Select an online friend on the Game Base list. After that, go to ‘Messages’.
  4. Choose ‘Send a Quick Message’, and enter the YouTube URL (http:/// Press ‘Send’ afterward.
  5. Click on the YouTube URL that you have shared with your friend (you can do this multiple times in the future). Once the YouTube website is opened, press the ‘Options’ button on your controller.
  6. Select ‘Pin to Side’, and you will now have two separate screens for you to watch YouTube while playing games.
  7. [EXTRA] Picture-in-Picture mode: Press the PS Logo button on the controller (while the two screens are present).
  8. Amongst the Activity Cards present, browse to the YouTube video and press ‘Options’.
  9. Choose ‘Switch to Picture-in-Picture’, and decide where to put the YouTube video on the PS5 screen while gaming.

SONY has yet to fully support multiple-screen capabilities for most of its installed software and applications, with the PS5 lacking an integrated web browser as of this moment.

Still, gamers around the world are continuously looking for ways to exploit the current features available, such as Simply Mickey’s YouTube video above.

Now, next-generation consoles (current-gen, today), like the PS5 and Xbox Series X, are also looking to make interconnected gameplay between players a seamless transition, known as cross-play, to learn more about it check out my article.

But what does that even mean? Read on to find out about the new and improved Share Play support for the PS5.

What is PS5 Share Play?

PlayStation 5’s Share Play is a recurring PS4 feature which allows a PS5 user to share livestream gaming sessions with a friend, allow the friend to take over the user’s in-game character, or even invite the friend online to join the fun (even if the friend does not own the game).

First introduced on the PlayStation 4, Share Play was a unique idea to allow connected players to join together seamlessly, or even promote a game similar to a ‘live-demo’ concept.

Improved upon for the PS5 console, this feature can now allow players to do multiple things together, which can be explained further below:

1.How To Live Stream Games Using Picture In Picture On PS5

  1. On the PS5 controller press the logo button
  2. Select ‘Game Base’, and ‘Create Party’ (press [Square]) with another online friend
  3. After creating a party, open ‘Game Base’ again and select the new party under ‘Recent Parties
  4. After choosing the party, select ‘Voice Chat’ and then ‘Join‘, to turn it on
  5. With Voice Chat turned on, press ‘View Voice Chat’ which now appears in its place. Now, choose a party member on the party’s drop-down menu
  6. After selecting a party member, press on the ‘Share Screen’ option (two-monitor logo) under their name
  7. Your friend will receive a notification to allow screen-sharing. Tell him to turn it on via the in-game card (press the controller PS logo)

2.How To Use PS5 Share play To Let A Friend Control The Game

  1. With Share Screen enabled, open the Voice Chat Party lobby again (via Game Base)
  2. There will now be a Share Screen | Share Play menu. Select it, and choose ‘Start Share Play’
  3. Choose your party member, and select ‘Visitor Plays as You’. This is a great way for your friends to test out a game for free – especially Single-Player games

3.How To Use PS5 Share play Invite A Friend To Play A Game They Don’t Own

  1. Open the Voice Chat Party via Game Base (with Share Screen already enabled)
  2. Select Share Screen | Share Play, and choose ‘Start Share Play’
  3. Choose your party member, and select ‘Play with the Visitor’. Your friend will now be invited to play the game with you, even if they do not own it.

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With the Share Play feature now much more robust and flexible, game developers have learned to leverage social media such as Twitch and YouTube, to promote their games.

Speaking of Twitch…

Can I Watch Twitch While Playing a Game on PS5?

Yes, you can watch Twitch while playing another video game at the same time, via the PlayStation 5. This can only be done by choosing ‘Explore’ on the PS5 Home screen, and select any Twitch videos from ‘Live Broadcasts of Games You Follow’. Refer to the top of the article to revisit this section.

Officially, pre-installed media applications such as Twitch, YouTube and Netflix are not able to be run in Picture-in-Picture mode just yet.

This entails that you can only watch Twitch streams while playing games through a few different ‘hacks’, one of it was explained earlier.

Still, another method can also be demonstrated by YouTuber VVaby above if you want to be able to change the Twitch streams according to your liking (not through the PS5’s’ Explore’ option as above):

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