Is PS4 Outdated? (Why Not Buy A PS5?)

Want to buy a PS4 but not sure it’s worth it as the PS5 is out and much better in every way? Consoles are a big investment, but why waste hard-earned cash on a machine that came out in 2013, when the PS5 is here?

The PS5 is better than the PS4 in every way, it dramatically enhances PS4 games performance and resolution with full backward compatibility. The difference in price between the PS4 and PS5 is not worth the huge improvement in technology the PS5 has over the PS4.

Dimensions 15.4 x10.24 x 4.09 inches
2.09 in × 12 in × 10.8 in (53 mm × 305 mm × 274 mm)
Weight9.9 pounds (4.5 kg
5.5 pounds 2.5 kg
GPU10.28 teraflops4.2 teraflops
CPU 7nm AMD Zen 2 CPU  eight cores running at a variable frequency capped at 3.5 GHz.1.6 GHz GHz 8-core
StorageCustom 825 GB SSD500GB-1TB
Optical Drive No Drive/ 4K Blue-Ray/Blue-ray
HDR SupportYesYes
4K SupportTrue 4K 60FPSNo

The PS4 came out in 2013, 7 years before the PS5s 2020 release. The difference between PS5 and PS4 Pro is night and day, I cannot recommend the PS4 at all when the PS5 is here.

Read on to know all the reasons why the PS4 is obsolete, and why I don’t recommend spending $170-$200 when you only need to spent a little more for a future proof machine.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy A PS5 Over A PS4

1.PS5 Is Better Value Than PS4

Consoles are expensive things to make, the PS3 initially cost Sony between $805-$840 to produce! If your curious to know why PS4 consoles are still so expensive see my post.

The PS4 despite releasing in 2013 is still an expensive machine, I checked eBay this morning and took the screenshot you see above, why on Earth would you buy a PS4 for $199.99 if the PS5 is only $300 more expensive, it gets worse if you buy the digital PS5 as it’s only a $200 difference!

Of course, you can get cheaper deals on eBay if the console comes with games, to get the VERY money for your used games and consoles check out my selling guide here.

We are all looking to save money but buying a PS4 is more of a waste than a sound investment.

Even if you don’t understand technology see the above table above paints its own story of what an improvement the PS5 is over the PS4. I’ll give you a hint, higher numbers are better!

Why buy used old dated technology, when you can spend a little more and get a top of the line machine that’s future proof for at least 5 years?

The PS5 is such a jump in technology it might never get a Pro version! I discuss this in my post, check it out here if you’re interested.

2.The PS5 Enhances Every PS4 Game

Backward compatibility is a big thing for gamers, and the PS5 delivered in such a BIG way it was surprising to everyone including me!

The vast majority of the 4000+ PS4 games can run on PS5 but what makes the PS5 special is the performance boosts a lot of these games get.

Every PS4 game will run, load, and look better than ever, taking advance of the PS5 improved RAM, SSD, and CPU. The PS5 is the best way to play every PS4 game ever made. If your new to PlayStations fantastic exclusives it’s even better as you will experience them in the best way for your first time!

For first-party Sony titles, games like Ghost of Tsushima & Days Gone run on a flawless 60FPS and get transformed. It’s like buying a remake for all your games but for free. Sounds cool right?

Even the PS4 Pro struggled with games like Crysis Remastered which had a 1080p performance mode but struggled with more intensive sections and drops below 60fps, with a normal PS4 it’s even worse.

Despite not being optimized the PS5 renders the game at a consistent 60FPS and the developer hasn’t even optimized for improved performance.

To know more about backward compatibility games and why it’s so fantastic for PS5 check out Eurogamers excellent article here.

Why Does Frame Rate Matter For Gaming?

Frame rate is the number of frames an image will display in a video game, 60FPS is 60 frames per second and a lot smoother than 30FPS. The higher the number the faster and smoother the display quality and the better viewing experience.

Even on launch PS5 DRASTICALLY improves the frame rate for a lot of PS4 games and this only will improve, as developers optimize for the new PS5 technology, for fast-paced games like Apex Legends the smoother frame rates will be a game-changer, everything looks more fluid and faster-paced.

Buying a PS5 will transform your PS4s library as every game will look and player smoother, action sequences will look more crispy and frame drops will happen less if never at all.

If you never owned a PS4, your lucky as the console one of the best game libraries of any system ever, and they all will look and play better than ever with a PS5, see my list of the best PS4 games here.

The only issue with the PS5 is the 825SSD memory, to see why Sony chose 825GB and not 1TB check my post out here.

3.PlayStation 5 Operating System Is New & Improved!

A consoles operating system or UI for short is where you will be spending a lot of your time for the years you have a console, the PS5 UI is Sonys attempt at making an already good UI experience EVEN better!

I will discuss the various quality of life improvements the PS5 has over the PS4.

PS5 Activity Cards

Activity cards are designed to break up gameplay and make everything seamless, they each relate to one level and show you your progress percentage and the estimated time until completion with key objectives you have not completed, it’s super useful for trophy hunters!

With a card, you jump straight into that point of the game(see video) if you’re a PS Plus member certain PS5 games like Sackboy: A Big Adventure gives you a video showing you how to complete that objective right there in your game, saving you valuable time and effort digging through articles and YouTube videos to get the information you need without the risk of seeing potential spoilers.

The video can be played alongside your gameplay, or expanded so it covers the whole screen, if you pin a card you can easily access it via the control centre anytime.

PS5 Party Changes

Ever find needing to close your game to join a party on PS4 to be annoying? This is a distant memory with the PS5 as all party & game requests can be joined mid-game without opening any annoying menus! Party requests can be done on PS4 or on the PlayStation mobile app.

Don’t have a microphone to chat with? Sonys’ new DualSense controller has an integrated microphone to quickly chat with your friends, but you can hit mute on the controller or via the menus if you don’t feel talkative.

One feature that really impressed me was the ability to share screens with your party, say your playing Spiderman Miles Morales, you can share your gameplay with your party and they can stream them playing Demon Souls! Cool right? Like the cards, you can can watch whilst you play or in picture and picture mode

You can take in game high quality 4K photos and share with social media or to your party, PS5 parties have evolved with PS5 think of them less like voice chat and more like a Facebook group with your PlayStation pals.

The DualSense supports dictation so if your not feeling to type you can talk what you want to say! Scared of friend sending potential spoilers to your party? Sony has you covered with a system that automatically detects game spoilers and prevents you from seeing them.

PlayStation 5 New Main Menu System

You log in as normal and greeted with all your games on the top left of the screen that plays game-specific music similar to the PS3 with a game graphic that takes up most of the screen.

The PS5 UI is similar to PS4 but has some important differences, it’s broken up into five distinct tiers , games media, search ,settings and profile.

The bottom of the screen that you access by hitting the PlayStation button has a customizable bar, that gives quick access to check things like download speeds, sound settings whos only, and much much more. It is completely customizable to suit your unique needs.

Game Library Changes

PS5 game library shows your entire game collection in one place and separates what games you have digitally and on disc, and external storage. This convenience is what PS4 is lacking.

You can sort the games via purchase date, alphabetically or which platform and the UI loads quickly and is snappy and is far quicker than PS4. Unfortunately you cannot put things into folders like PS4 but an update might happen in the future.

PS5 Settings

The setting menu is similar to PS4 but the menu is outputted in HDR so looks beautiful, but there are important changes.

You have access to error history whenever something wrong happens to your PS5 and it tells you why and what time it happened. Your save data is separated between platforms.

What’s cool is you can set game presets, such as default performance and resolution modes, if you don’t have a 4K TV setting ht default to performance saves you a lot of time in the long run.

Do you suck at games? You can set the game defaults to easy, medium, or hard difficulty modes, 1st of third-person view original audio for games, this is useful if your PS5 is French but you still want the original dubs in games

Everything you want and expect in a game consoles menu is here and then some!

Is PS4 Outdated? Conclusion

I spent most this post discussing the improvements PS5 has over PS4 and I stand by everything that I said.

I cannot recommend the PS4 in ANY way over the PS5, as the PS5 is 7 years newer than the PS4 with tremendous improvements in technology across the board.

PS5 will not make PS4 obsolete which I discuss in my post here, but why buy a PS4 when the PS5 is only a little more expensive and in only 2 years Sony will shift from creating content for both systems and focus on the much more powerful and future proof PS5?

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