Can you Play 2K Without PS+?

Want to play NBA2K but don’t have PS plus? I understand as PS Plus can be expensive, but you still want to play online with all your friends, I will answer all questions you might have.

All online features on 2K need an active PS plus subscription, you can roam your park freely without PS Plus, but you must have PS Plus to play games in your park. Career mode can be enjoyed without PS Plus.

But there ARE ways to Play 2K even without PS Plus which I will speak about. Read on how to play 2K online without a PS Plus subscription!

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How To Play 2K Without PS Plus!

There are three different ways to play 2K or any other game without PS Plus, the first way is game sharing. Check out my post here for more info about it.

How To Game Share On PS4

Game sharing is the feature that allows you to share your library of games with a close friend or family member, via having their PS4 as your primary console.

It’s actually quite easy to do but remember you must do this with someone you trust, you are giving very sensitive information out to another person so don’t do this with any random person online only close friends or family.

This allows you to get games for half price as you and your friend can spend half on a fully priced game, as you can both share it together? Cool right!

How To Game Share On PS4

  1. .Sign into your PS4 with the person you want to share your games with logged in as well.
  2. Go to settings>account management>activiate primary PS4, deactivate your PS4 as primary this will sign you out of your main account
  3. Sign in again &  go to settings>account management>Restore licenses
  4. Sign in to friends account and settings>account management>activate as your primary PS4 and select activate (now your friend MUST have no primary ps4 and signed out of their ps4 for this to work
  5. Sign back into the main account and go to the library application
  6. Now you can download all your friend’s games! You can see which games to download with a two arrow triangle symbol
  7. Sign out of your account and sign back in to activate your PS4 as primary
  8. Sign in with your friend’s account and deactivate your primary ps4 as his primary PS4 as he needs his account back!
  9. You’re done! You should be able to able to share games with ease

If you prefer a video explanation. please check out the above YouTube that goes into detail on how to game share on the PlayStation 4.

Now there isn’t a limit with how many people you can game share with but only two games can be played at the same time, one of your primary system and one on the secondary which you need to be logged into.

There isn’t a limit to how many times you can change your primary PS4 like with the Xbox One(how to game share on Xbox here). But if you try your games with more than one person and three of you want to play a game together, your account will likely be flagged and blocked.

Make A New Account To Get Free PlayStation Plus

  1. Create a new PlayStation account from the main menu with a real email address and return to the main menu
  2. Using the new account, go to the PlayStation Store, and on the left hand of the PlayStation store scroll to ‘PS Plus’
  3. Keep scrolling right and you will see ’14 day free trial’ and add a real credit or debit card, your card will not be charged if you cancel within 14 days
  4. Make sure your PS4 is activated as the primary PS4
  5. From settings turn off auto renewal so you don’t get charged for the 14 day free day trial
  6. After the 14- day trial is over. make a new email address and replicate all the steps again! You can use the same credit card.

If your confused about setting your PlayStation as primary heres how you do it

How To Set PS4 As Primary

  1. Log into your PSN account and enter your password
  2. Go to the console ‘Settings’
  3. Select ‘Account Management’
  4. Activate the console as your primary system
  5. Confirm activation

If you’re facing issues, check the above video to fix any issues you might have.

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