How To Fix PS4 Lan Cable Not Connected (It’s Easy)

Is your PS4 Lan cable disconnecting randomly? Well, here’s the way you can fix it, and get back to enjoying PS4 online gaming with a wired internet connection.

  1. Unplug your router/modem for 10 seconds, and wait for it to reboot
  2. On the PS4 home menu go to [settings] >[set up internet connection]> [use a LAN Cable] > [easy]
  3. If it fails to work, you must purchase another LAN cable

You can buy a new high-quality LAN cable on Amazon here, but if you follow the above steps your LAN cable should be connecting, watch the below video for a guide.

I will explain why your PS4 was saying LAN cable not connected and how to fix it, and what it does it mean if LAN is not connected, read on to find out!

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Why Does My PS4 Say LAN Cable Not Connected?

The error LAN Cable not connected is an issue with the PS4 firmware, re-boot your router, update your PS4 firmware, use another cable or try another router or change the NAT router settings of your PS4 to fix it.

How To Fix PS4 Lan Cable Not Connected

  • Is the Lan cable plugged in? Is it loose in any way, and is your PS4 firmware up to date? See this post on how to update the firmware.
  • Are both the router and PS4 on and both working? Is every light on the router on

These should fix most of your issues, if it doesn’t work you need to buy a LAN cable from Amazon like this one, I will explain other ways to trouble shoot your Lan cable.

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Make sure you do all these fixes one by one, if you change the ethernet cable and get a new router, maybe it was the cable not the routers fault so don’t spend money unnecessarily

  • Is the ethernet cable connecting the PS4 to the router lose? If so it needs to be replaced, try a different cable from a friend or family member and see if it works.
  • Is your router/modem old? Borrow a different router and see if that fixes the problem, connect a different device to the router and see if it has wired internet connections, if it does then it might be your PS4 ethernet port has an issue.
  • Try different ports on your router, it might be a single port is broken, tape the broken ports so you don’t use them
  • If your PS4 USB port is broken, you can buy a USB- ethernet port adapter like URGREEN from Amazon, this allows you to use your PS4 USB ports for a wired connection even with a damaged ethernet port.

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