Are Xbox One Games Unlocked? (The Truth)

Have you wondered if your Xbox One games are region locked? I wanted to answer this question so I researched the internet trying to find an answer.

Xbox One games are not region locked, any Xbox game purchased at retail can be used in any country on any Xbox One. Digital purchases are different as you can download different regional codes but you cannot -re-download them from different regions, also English might not be included as an option

So why do regions matter? Well, different regions have region-specific games & DLC, and the in-game currency is a lot cheaper due to the currencies being different.

Stay tuned and I will explain how you can trick your Xbox One into downloading region-specific games, that you normally wouldn’t be able to access! Also what DVDs/Blue-ray discs your Xbox One can play.

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Xbox One How To Change Your Region & Language

  1. Navigate to Menu>settings>system>language & location
  2. From here you can change multiple changes, and change both the system language and the keyboard language
  3. Change your location depending on what region you wanted unlocked
  4. Restart Xbox to have your changes take effect

Congratulations you have now changed your Xbox One region! This allows you to search the official Microsoft store for films, movies and games that are available in the region you changed your Xbox to

Certain DLC are region-specific and in-game currencies can be far cheaper in different countries due to the exchange rate. Get busy searching and enjoying the freedom changing your Xbox has given you!

Check out this video for a video tutorial on how to change your Xbox One language and region if you prefer it in a visual format.

Are Xbox One Accessories Region Locked?

You will be pleased to know just like the games Xbox One accessories are not region-locked, so any headset you buy or controller you buy from another country will work on your Xbox and vice versa. Good to know!

Can You Get Your Xbox One Serviced In Another Country?

This was difficult to find but according to the official Xbox website Microsoft said “Xbox support and warranties are only available in Xbox One-supported countries and regions”

This suggests that if your in an Xbox supported country you can access your Microsoft warranty. However, make sure you do your research because I couldn’t find a definite answer and I imagine it depends on the region and Xbox.

What Happens If You Change Your Xbox One’s Region?

Now before you change your region for your Microsoft account you need to be careful about your services and subscriptions. Remember to do this if you ever move to another country. Please take note of the following

  • Xbox Account Information. Your Gamertag, all your achievements and everything else in your Xbox profile will move with you
  • Money in your Microsoft Account. Your funds will NOT move with you, so make sure to spend all your money prior to changing your account location. You cannot transfer money between regions
  • Xbox Live Gold/Xbox Game Pass Subscription. Now if these services are not available in your new location your subscription will remain active but might not work anymore click here to see what countries are available. Remember to cancel your subscription to stop Microsoft from billing you
  • Other Subscriptions may not be available in your new country/region. If you have other subscriptions like online role-playing games that need a third party subscription, that will remain active in your new country/region but maybe will no longer work. You need to check with the specific publisher themselves to see if the servers work in your new region.

How To Change Your Microsoft/Xbox One Region

Step 1: Change your Microsoft account region

  1. Sign in to your Microsoft account.
  2. Select Edit country/region.
  3. Update the Country/Region, State, ZIP code, and/or Time zone fields as applicable.
  4. Select Save.

Step 2: Migrate your Xbox Live account region

  1. Sign in to your Xbox profile.
  2. Select Next.
  3. Select the region from the dropdown box.
  4. Select I Accept.

Ste[ 3Change your country/region on Xbox One

Follow these steps to update your settings to your new country/region, and then restart your Xbox One console. When you make your first purchase in the new locale, you’ll be prompted to update your billing information.

  1. Sign in to your Xbox One console.
  2. Press the Xbox button  to open the guide.
  3. Select System > Settings > System > Language & location.
  4. Select your new location from the list, and then select Restart now.

What Blue-Ray/ DVD Options Are Xbox One Supported?

According to the official Xbox website “Each Xbox One console is manufactured for a specific Blu-ray and DVD region, following international standards”.

This means you can only play Blue-ray discs and DVDs that are sold in the same region that you bought the console in. Certain blue-ray discs and DVD’s are not region encoded or coded for every region, these will work on every Xbox One console.

See the following to check if your DVD can be played on your Xbox One

Find the region code represented as A, B, or C on the packaging, and verify that it matches your region.

Blue-ray Discs

RegionGeographic regions/countries
AIncludes most North, Central, and South American and Southeast Asian countries and regions, plus Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong SAR, Macau, and Korea
BIncludes most European, African, and Southwest Asian countries, plus Australia and New Zealand
CIncludes the remaining Central and South Asian countries, as well as China and Russia

Standard DVD Discs

RegionGeographic regions/countries
1United States, Canada, Bermuda, U.S. territories
2Europe (except Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus), Middle East, Egypt, Japan, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Greenland
3Southeast Asia, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong SAR, Macau
4Mexico, Central and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Oceania
5India, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Africa, Central and South Asia, North Korea
6People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong SAR
8Special international venues, such as aeroplanes and cruise ships

The Xbox One blue-ray player also supports mastered Blue-ray Discs and 3D Blue-ray Discs when played on 3D TVs.

If you want a way to unlock the region code for your Xbox One to play DVDs/Blue-ray regardless of the region then please read this blog post.