Why Does My Xbox Headset Keep Cutting Out? (How To Fix)

Even the best-in-class audio performance headsets can have connectivity problems with your Xbox causing them to keep cutting out. But performing a factory reset will stop your Xbox headset from cutting out, here’s how to do it.

  1. Press the‘ Xbox’ Button
  2. Select ‘Settings’
  3. Select ‘All Settings’
  4. Select ‘System’
  5. Select ‘Console Info & Updates’
  6. Select ‘Reset Console’
  7. This Will Fix All Software Problems Causing Hindrance Between the Headset and Xbox Console

It seems that there are multiple issues with Xbox headset connectivity as the users explore more of the features. Most problems are related to sound — For example, party chat sound not working, audio cutting out frequently without reason.

While many Xbox users wonder what causes Xbox One audio to cut out, I’m here to help with a troubleshooting guide that fixes most of the Xbox headset sound problems.

In this article, I will explain how you can stop Xbox one audio from cutting out and why Xbox headsets are fragile — Read on to find out.

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How To Stop Xbox Audio Cutting Out

To stop the Xbox audio from cutting out with a wireless headset never leave the controller idle for more than 10 seconds. If it’s idle press the controller keys or move the thumbs-ticks to wake up the controller and headset. Continuously use the controller to stop audio from cutting out

Players always prefer enjoying games using a headset instead of a stereo system. It allows them to chat with friends without an external mic and gives them an extra edge over their competitors in multiplayer gaming sessions.

Unfortunately, a series of technical bugs have made the audio experience worse than expected.

Xbox fans face audio problems since the headset launch — including the glitch which completely cuts the audio off the console.

Fans are wondering why such an issue comes up in a next-gen console like Xbox. Luckily, I found the only fix that works perfectly to make the audio connection intact-never leave your controller idle. Microsoft Xbox series headsets will cut out the audio immediately after 10 seconds of inactivity.

Maybe the reason behind it is power-saving or technical limitations. But one thing is for sure; the problem will keep recurring if you leave your controller inactive.

Is there a permanent solution for it? — Read on to find out.

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Permanent Fix for Stopping the Xbox One Audio to Cut Out

Xbox audio cuts out only in wireless headsets. If you want a permanent solution to Xbox one audio from cutting out, buy a wired headset and connect it with your Xbox one console. Wired headsets are more stable and provide better sound quality than wireless audio connections.

I know there is some magical attraction in wireless headsets but let’s talk about facts.

Below, I have listed some pros and cons of using wireless and wired headsets on Xbox — You can buy one according to your preferences.

Wireless Xbox One Headsets


  • Freedom to move, walk, sit, and run, openly.
  • Integration with apps.
  • Compatibility with other Bluetooth devices like a phone or tablet


  • Xbox One wireless headsets are more expensive than wired
  • They need frequent charging, which may disturb your gaming sessions.
  • Batteries have a limited life and need to be changed after a specific period.

Wired Xbox One Headsets


  • No frequent disconnection between the Xbox console and headset.
  • Better audio quality due to analog signals.
  • No charging required.


  • Xbox wired headsets have cables which can be annoying to some players.
  • Fewer apps to integrate.

In the end, it’s your choice to select an Xbox headset that suits your preferences and lifestyle. 

If you want to eliminate the audio keep cutting out the problem permanently, I would recommend buying a wired headset.

Why Do Xbox Headsets Break So Easily?

Here are the possible reasons why your Xbox headsets don’t survive for long:

1.You Keep Rolling Up the Extension Cord

Wired Xbox headsets can come with long cords that look like a mess in a room when the headset is not in use. 

You might want to roll the cords up that’s extending up to several feet but make sure not to bend them stressfully. One severely stressed point on the cable can break the whole audio connection. I know how easy it is to break the wires as I’ve broken many myself!

2. The Cables Are Knotted

As stupid as it sounds, it’s quite common with gamers as they follow some lifehack videos on YouTube that advise to wind up the cords so that they don’t tangle.

Making knots in your Xbox headset will make the wearing process faster in the internal wires.

3.Your Volume Is Too Loud

Sound waves are mechanical waves — It won’t be wrong if I call them ‘vibrations.’

Technically speaking, the more vibrational amplitudes a headset produces, the more stress will be induced to the sound-producing parts of it. To make your Xbox headset work for long, use it on a medium volume.

At the start, you might notice a bit of volume drop, which is one of the very first signs that your headset is wearing out. With time, it will start producing buzzing and other irritating sounds.

Be very careful having loud volume as this can damage your ears as well as your headset!

4.You Forget Your Wearing A Headset

I can’t even count how many of my headsets and headphones have broken because of this reason. I used to be so much focused on the gaming screen, forgetting to take the headsets off. Being a console gamer, you might relate to it.

Headsets are sensitive, and Xbox headsets are way too delicate that they can break when pulled over. Even if your headset doesn’t break in the first pulling attempt, it will be one step closer to malfunction.

5.You Pull The Cord Instead of the Plug

It’s one of the rookie mistakes you’ll ever make as an Xbox gamer — Never pull the cord, just NEVER!

Pulling the cord instead of the plug increases tension in the internal wires, which breaks the headsets. I’m guilty of this many times, it’s just SO much easier pulling the wires instead of plugging them out but your headset will hate you for it.

You might notice that most of the reasons are associated with wired headsets. And it clearly indicates that wireless headsets can last longer than the wired headsets because of cord pulling. 

If you believe in yourself and know that you will take care of the wired headset, you are good to go with it.