Is The Xbox One Really Waterproof?

I’m sure your love your Xbox One and wondered if Microsoft’s console is waterproof/water-resistant. I researched the internet trying to answer this question.

So is the Xbox One waterproof? No, neither any Xbox One, Xbox One controllers or accessories are waterproof. The internal components of the console, including the GPU & fans, are exposed to water getting in.

Try to keep your console, accessories and controllers away from water at all times but some accidental spillage shouldn’t cause any damage.

I will discuss how to troubleshoot your console getting wet and what are the best accessories to stop accidental Xbox One water damage, so you never have to worry again and can game in peace.

Xbox One Water Damage Trouble Shoot

So what if you accidentally split some coke or water on your Xbox One? I will list the immediate steps that you can take. The most important step is to do not try to turn it on!

  1. Unplug all electronics (cables, USB wires etc) from your Xbox One and DO NOT turn it on.
  2. Put your Xbox One so it’s vertical, this should let a lot of the money come out
  3. Place your Xbox One is a room that has a breeze and is quite warm so the water can dry out
  4. Wait for around a day to see if it works.

Check out the video below for a tutorial in case you get confused

If you’re Xbox One is still water damaged then you could try to open it up and clean the motherboard and the inner electronics with rubbing alcohol such as this one from Amazon.

You will also need a special screwdriver kit to open the console up such as this T8H T6 T10H Screwdriver Set for Xbox One from Amazon. Check out the video walkthrough of a YouTuber repairing their Xbox One down below

How To Fix Wet Xbox One Controller

is the xbox one waterproof?

What if your controller not your console gets wet and stops working? This is the classic rice tip so it will work for your Xbox One controller and other electronics like a remote.

  1. Get a bowl/dish and put enough rice to submerge the Xbox One controller
  2. Close up the USB hole of your controller with stick tape to prevent the rice from getting in the 3.5 mm headphone jack
  3. Put the Xbox One controller is the rice
  4. Wait 24 hours and see if it works

Ideally your Xbox One controller will now be fully functional, check out the video above in case you get stuck.

How To Prevent Your Xbox One From Water Damage

So let’s say you want your Xbox One to never get water damaged again, no one wants to pay unnecessary water repair bills so follow these steps to prevent it from happening.

Keep Your Xbox One Away From Liquids!

This way seem obvious but it’s an important step a lot of people neglect with their console safety. If your console is on a night stand or counter in the same place as drinks, this just increases the chances that an accidental spill will occur.

Make sure your Xbox One is on your TV counter and away from liquids. If you have small children or pets keep your Xbox One high away from their reach.

You don’t want your dog going number 1 on your console, do you? Make sure the area is stable so the Xbox doesn’t fall and cause fall damage.

Get A Water Resistant Dust Cover

Now one way to stop dust or water getting into your console is keeping your console safe in a dust cover. Don’t worry you will still have access to all your ports from the back.

I couldn’t find any waterproof dust covers for the Xbox One/Xbox One S but this eXtremeRate Horizontal Dust Cover for Xbox One X from Amazon is perfect for protecting your Xbox One X from unwanted spillages and dust. Check out the YouTube demonstration of the product down below.

Keep Your Xbox One Safe In A Waterproof Travel Case

Whenever your travelling with your console you’re taking a big risk with damage happening during transit especially if your bag is not water proof or made with gaming consoles in mind.

This is where the USA GEAR Console Carrying Case (Amazon Link) comes in with 3 years of warranty a reinforced shell that will protect your Xbox One from all manner of bumps and bruises.

Importantly the case is water resistant which will protect your precious expensive console from water spillages and rain.

Check out a review of the product below, but my mindful that the best way to prevent your Xbox One getting water damage is just remove all situations where water CAN get to it

Why The Xbox One Is Not Waterproof

Not matter what Xbox One you have although the console is quite robust it is not waterproof in any way. The main reason is the Xbox has many exposed parts with the fan of the Xbox One S being right above the console.

The front of every Xbox One console will have USB ports and a disc tray(not the diskless version) giving ample ways the water can get into the console.

The controllers are the same, as water can get it from the buttons, the USB ports or the 3.55 mm headphone jack. Microsoft tried to make the electronically components as resistant as they can be, but was no dust/water resistance measures made to shielding the console so it is exposed to water.

Xbox One Warranty

Now before you get your Xbox One water damaged repaired check this website for warranty information about your specific country. This is for the UK so it might differ for your country.

Without prejudice to any legal (statutory) rights to which you may be entitled under your local law, The warranty lasts for one year from the date of original purchase from Microsoft or an authorised retailer or reseller

Xbox Warranty

Unlike Nintendo who explicitly says their warranty does not cover water damage(read my post here), I couldn’t find anything where Xbox says the warranty does not cover water damage.

If your Xbox was bought within 1 year from Microsoft or from an authorised reseller then you can get your Xbox serviced by Microsoft. You first need to register your Xbox One which you can do via this link and follow the steps in the website.

Xbox One Cost Of Repairing Water Damage

Now the only exact price I found was from the UK website who’s full price to do do the following was £68.99/$86.11which is a fair price considering a fully priced expensive is far more expensive

Liquid Damage Repair Process

  • Complete Fault Diagnosis
  • Cosmetic Evaluation
  • Xbox One Disassembly
  • Liquid Damage Repair
  • On-Bench Technician Testing
  • Internal Cleaning
  • External Cleaning
  • Functional Testing
  • Software Updates
  • Quality Control
  • Delivery To Customer

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