How Does PS5 Free Upgrade Work? (Is It Really Free)

how does ps5 free upgrade work

Sony recently announced that players will now have the option to upgrade their PS4 disc or digital games to the PS5 digital version and players are very happy about it. But how does the PS5 free upgrade system really work? Let’s find out! The new upgrade system called PS5 Upgrade Paths allows users to download … Read more

Can You Wall Mount A PS5? (How To Do It)

PS5 remote play bad quality

The PS5 is a HUGE console and if you are a minimalist like me, you would hate all the clutter that this console creates around your gaming setup. Wall mounting your PS5 might be a solution. But can you really wall mount a PS5? Let’s find out!  PS5 does not come with a wall mount … Read more

PS5 Remote Play Bad Quality (How To Fix It)

PS5 remote play bad quality

PS5 feature ‘remote play’ allows you to play games through other devices like a PC, mobile phone, or tablets. While many enjoy the feature some people are reporting bad quality when using remote play. PS5 remote play suffers from graphical quality and blurriness depending on your internet speed and ping quality. When it works it … Read more

How to Rebuild PS5 Database (It’s Simple)

PS5 players rebuild their console’s database without wiping out their console fix issues when games or updates fail to download. But how does it work? Here’s how to do it. Power ‘Off’ the Console Press & Hold the Power Button Until Two Beep Sound. Connect PS5 Controller via USB Cable Press PS Button Select ‘Rebuild … Read more

PS5 How To Access Messages (Easy Guide)

PS5 How To Access Messages

Despite the PlayStation 5’s new features and impressive hardware upgrades, its boring and unimaginative User Interface (UI) has made it difficult for players to navigate to its messaging platform. It seems to be a step back from the PS4, so how exactly do you make your way through the home screen to access chats and … Read more

Can I Leave My PS5 On Overnight? ( Why It Depends)

Some PS5 users who bought the consoles right after release have reported a few bugs, which has gotten people worried about whether they can leave their PS5 consoles turned on overnight. Here’s what I suggest: PS5 players can leave their console on overnight without encountering any problems. Although there were a few rest mode issues … Read more

Why Is My PS5 Controller Red? (Learn The Truth)

Why Is My PS5 Controller Red? (Learn The Truth)

You are new to PS5 and you are probably wondering what these LED lights are for on the new controller. More specifically, you might be a little scared why your controller sometimes has the red light on. Don’t worry, it’s nothing alarming.  If your PS5 DualSense controller has the red LED light on, it means … Read more

Why Does PS5 Turn Itself On? (How To Stop It)

Why Does PS5 Turn Itself On? (How To Stop It)

If you’re a PS5 user, you might have faced a technical problem when your P54 turns on by itself. What’s exactly the reason behind it, and how can you fix it? Your PS5 is turning itself on because ‘HDMI device link enabled.’, this setting makes the PS5 automatically turn on as soon as you power … Read more