How To Make PS4 Downloads Faster(Don’t Miss Out!)

Why do PS4 downloads seem to take so much longer than they should? This has puzzled PS4 gamers for a while so I decided to find out all the information out there and see if I could give you an answer to why PS4 downloads & updates take so long, and if there is a way to make the downloads faster.

To make your PS4 downloads faster switch to a wired internet connection and change your DNS settings or change to a faster internet provider. If PS4 applications were running this will sharply reduce your download speed, so close all applications to make PS4 downloads faster.

 Here is a quote from Juho Snellman a systems programmer at Teclo Networks(an internet broadband company) on the issue.

“If any applications are running, the PS4 appears to change the settings for PSN store downloads, artificially restricting their speed. Closing the other applications will remove the limit.”

Juho Snellman a systems programmer at Teclo Networks

How To Increase The Download Speed Of Your PS4 Paid Methods

Use A Wired Internet Connection For Your PS4

If you are not already using a wired connection using wired will dramatically improve your download speed.The strength of your connection will greatly determine on obstructions in your homes such as furniture and walls also with interference from other mobile devices using the same wifi connection such as your phone; and the distance between the PS4 and your router.

This will cause latency and will reduce your online gaming experience.

A wired ethernet connection does not use radio waves meaning your gaming experience will be smooth sailing, all you need to do is connect an ethernet cable from your router directly into the ethernet port in your PS4. The video below shows you an easy tutorial on how to do exactly that.

Click here to get an ethernet cable for your PS4 straight from Amazon.

Use A PowerLine Network Adapter For Your PS4

However, if your PS4 is simply too far to connect an ethernet cable to your router without a cable trailing through your house you can use a Powerline Network Adapter.

These devices allow you to connect to your router via directly plugging in through your power mains. Note some houses with poor wiring are not perfect for these adapters but the majority of houses will allow you to receive rapid internet throughout your house. You can buy one of these adapters straight from Amazon by clicking here.

Here is a video explaining how to set up your PowerLine Network Adapter so you can easily get started getting fantastic internet speeds throughout your home.

Get A Better Internet Provider For Faster Connection For Your PS4

Maybe you’ve had the same internet provider for a long long time but times are changing. A standard broadband connection is fine for doing streaming and browsing the web but for downloading massive game files on your PS4 the speed just does not cut it.

Red Dead Redemption 2, for example, requires a whopping 99 GB of storage space with an additional 50 GB if you download it digitally! That is a gigantic file and assuming you have a standard internet connection it is no wonder your downloads are going to be slow!

Assuming you have the functionality in your area fibre broadband offers the best way to get lightning-fast internet with rapid download speeds at an affordable price. Check with your current provider if they provide this service and if you can get it where you live and perhaps think of changing your provider if you’re nearly out of the contract to get the very best deal you can.

Although you need to pay this will make the biggest difference to your internet speed. If you’re from the US check this handy comparison tool by Whistle Out to get the very best fibre broadband deal for where you live.

How To Increase The Download Speed Of Your PS4 -Free Methods

Change your DNS settings

A DNS is a computer server that contains a database of public internet provider addresses and their hostnames, this could potentially dramatically increase your download speeds straight away especially if your PS4 has a dodgy DNS. You need to change your DNS settings to use Google DNS server to increase the PS4’s download speed. Follow the following steps to get started.

  1. Go to ‘settings’ on your PS4 toolbar- found on the far right just before the ‘power’ button
  2. Select the ‘network’ option
  3. Choose ‘set up internet connection’ from the network screen
  4. Select Wifi/Lan. Wifi is when you use a wireless connection whilst LAN is using a wired internet connection as discussed earlier
  5. Select ‘custom’ and input the following networks settings, input exactly what I will show you
  6. Restart your PS4 and hopefully, you will see a dramatic download speed improvement
  • IP Address Settings = Automatic
  • DHCP Host Name = Do Not Specify
  • DNS Settings = Manual
  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:
  • MTU Settings: Automatic
  • Proxy Server: Do Not Use

Below is a Youtube video to walk you through the process if you would prefer video.

Put Your PS4 Into Rest Mode To Quicken Download Speed

This has worked for a lot of people but do not put all your hopes into it. If you set your PS4 into rest mode you could potentially get faster download speeds. Rest mode allows for updates and even game files to be downloaded, click here to find out whether rest mode or turning off your PS4 is better for your console

How To Set Up Rest Mode To Download Updates & Game Downloads
  1. Go to Settings on your PS4
  2. Go to ‘power saving settings’
  3. Go to ‘set functions’ available in safe mode
  4. Turn on auto-downloads in the system menu [system] > [Automatic Downloads & Uploads]

Now you can download games & updates even when in rest mode! Click the video below if you would rather see it visually

Pause & Resume Your PS4 Download

I know how annoying it is to see your download barely moving, and it’s been said that pausing and resuming a specific download can speed it up the download process

! It is not known why does this work but I have tried it myself. perhaps the download gets rebooted? Do the following steps to speed up your PS4 downloads.

  1. Scroll to your PS4 home screen and access downloads from your notifications
  2. Select your downloads
  3. Click X on the download you want to speed up
  4. Click X again to resume the download

Below is a video if you prefer to see it visually

Don’t Run Any PS4 Applications

As mentioned at the beginning having many applications running is the biggest contributor to slow downloads for your PS4. The PS4 uses a throttling system meaning you’re PS4 only has a limited amount of bandwidth available so the more applications running at one time the slower your PS4’s internet speed will be.

Running games and playing them especially will dramatically reduce your download speed. However, not all applications are equal some will slow down your downloads by a factor of 5 and certain games will cause a difference of a factor of 100 once you start playing!

So if you want your downloads to be as quick as possible simply close all your PS4 applications down. Be careful as simply pressing the PS button does not close the application as it merely puts it in the background.

Click the video below on how to properly close PS4 applications and take the disc out, you could have been doing it incorrectly all this time!

Why Do PS4 Updates Take So Long

The PS4 swapped to a new method when it comes to installing updates to games which is the ‘copying’ procedure’. The newer process purpose is to help reduce file corruption in your game files so you don’t lose your game progress

However, this comes with a cost as updating a file takes so long because not only is the PS4 downloading changes to the game it also needs to download the updated files and THEN install them. This is achieved by copying the entire game file and then adding the patch which is why updates can take so long!

Of course, game updates will greatly vary, a small single-player game that isn’t even 1GB in size will update very quickly as the file is very small in comparison. However, a massive game like the 99GB Red Dead Redemption or a multiplayer game like Apex Legends will take a LONG time to update simply because the files are so large, to begin with.

All the processes explained above on how to increase your PS4 downloads will work also to increase the speed on your games updating.

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